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I The Savior Seeking Motivation, Support From This Civilization

I The Savior Seeking Motivation, Support From This Civilization23-01-2022 03:41
I The Savior Seeking Motivation, Support From This Civilization

I am sick and tired with what is going on in this civilization.
People are lying, cheating and killing each others.
The secret controllers/authorities are using human like the weapon to fight against each others.
The mortals light forces vs the mortals dark forces via the pandemic are too stupid.

I have shared a lot of knowledge wisdom, ideas solution from low level to high level, from East to West society, there is very little left to talk about since there is no purpose, no motivation, and the most important no connection with this civilization.

So from now till January 27th 2022 (27-01-2022), I will seeking/receiving feedback, support, donation from this civilization.
Then I will decide what to do next based on the amount of donation.
You need to remember, the public people pay tax for the government to help them.
I as the solo player on this Earth life game have absolutely no duty to help any beings.

There is still some important knowledge I have not yet too share such as:
– How the human body really made of and operating in Earth environment.
– The secret of immortality.
– How to exit the matrix system of life.

You can make donation to me via online coin cryptocurrency with list of wallets below:








I will make my final decision based on the outcome and my feeling.
It is much better to let the divine forces come to teach the demi-gods how to live rather let them fight till dead !

Whether you believe me as the savior or not, it does not matter to me, it is only matter to you because you are the one who are looking/seeking for real knowledge wisdom of life, not me !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

23-01-2022 06:19
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Survival (life) on Earth is a battle, always has been, always will be. Being 'civilized' doesn't change a thing. We each, still have the same basic needs, as any species living on this planet, food, water, and shelter. The planet is in constant motion, and change. Some of those change can be challenging, catastrophic to those struggling to survive. There will always be fighting over the best sources for the basic things need to survive. There are predators, and there are prey. They can co-exist, only as long as the predator doesn't need to feed. Humans can be either predators, or prey, but they are all mostly lazy. Humans strive to survive, with the very minimal of effort and labor. Hunting and gathering food, is labor intensive, and not always profitable, specially as seasons change. Storing food and water is also work, but can help during leaner times, when the hunting and gathering isn't so productive. Farming and raising livestock, is less travel, but still a lot of work. But, you are more likely to have plenty of food, for the labor, rather than a lot of travel, and little to show for it. Some, who are out hunting and gathering, and not much success, will see your farm, as a prime source of food, all they could have hoped for... You just give them all the want, and they'll just keep coming back for more, tell all their friends. None of them care about the work you put into farming. They don't care you need food. They don't care that you store food, for the less productive months. They don't care about leaving some plants for seed, to replant the next season. They don't care that they need to leave breeding stock, to replace animals slaughtered. You will fight to save your farm. The freeloaders will fight to take what they want/need. Humans can be pests, like the other species that freeload off your labor...
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