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"I don't care du u" slop coat

"I don't care du u" slop coat23-06-2018 06:40
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆
There is so much fun in this coat ... possibly relevant ...

When you look at Melania Trump's 'I really don't care' jacket, remember the President's worst crime isn't family separation

Lee Harvey Oswald didn't care - allegedly - socialist, ambivalent.
Jack Ruby didn't give a fck at close range.
Hilardy Clinton didn't give a fck either but can you imagine if she'd won the election she couldn't have rested until someone sucked her off in the Oval Office - and that place is rigged for sound.

"Bring us your sick and tired, your educated ..."
Edited on 23-06-2018 06:41
23-06-2018 07:41
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆
23-06-2018 14:10
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆
I must re-iterate, Libya was not enough for this woman.
23-06-2018 19:13
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆
There's another book deal if you think about it ... "Hilary Clinton's Libya ..."

"... It's tough at the top."

One woman's journey through the corridors of power.
... keep going.

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