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How to survive a Hydrogen Sulphide release (Revised)

How to survive a Hydrogen Sulphide release (Revised)09-03-2017 01:59
I am trying to plan a safe course for the worst case scenario, which is probably going to happen no matter what at this rate. (See this video for more information: ) So let's say things get real bad climate-wise and my family needs a safe place to live. We have to survive war, drought and eventually a canfield ocean. This narrows the habitable places on earth considerably, but mammals have survived this in the past. What I need to know is if I chose a place to live with a high oceanic oxygen content, few people, wetlands and shelter from the cold, would hydrogen sulphide drift in my direction eventually and wipe out whats left of my group in the future? Or is it light enough to float above the oxygen given enough time. If it's not, what are some ways to survive a canfield ocean, taking wars over wetlands, drought and breathable air into account?

I made an error in my previous post, please ignore it, this site won't let me edit anymore, maybe too much time has passed. But they could at least let me delete it! >
09-03-2017 06:42
still learning
imkira3 wrote:
I am trying to plan a safe course....... breathable air into account?

Are you concerned about hydrogen sulfide or methane?

The video you referenced seems to be about methane release. In your post you refer to hydrogen sulfide, not methane. Very different things.

I don't recall reading anything about a "Canfield ocean" being considered a possible consequence of anthropogenic climate change. If ocean currents were shut down long enough, maybe, but my guess is that it'd take millennia. Worry about if you like.

Large methane release from Arctic seabeds or from thawed permafrost areas on land seems kind of plausible to me, but how likely I don't think anybody really knows. Regarding methane release from Arctic ocean seabed, to increase the current rate, seems to me that the temperature of the bottom water would have to increase. That may eventually happen, but I don't see how it could be abrupt.

Some of your questions, such as wondering if hydrogen sulfide would float above oxygen, suggest that a beginning chemistry course is in order.
09-03-2017 18:45
Tim the plumber
What the heck are you talking about?

Do you have any science whatso ever to back up your rediculous doom fantasy?

Edited on 09-03-2017 18:46

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