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How To Defeat The Stupid Corona Virus COVID Controllers Via Various Strategies

How To Defeat The Stupid Corona Virus COVID Controllers Via Various Strategies22-11-2021 09:45
How To Defeat The Stupid Corona Virus COVID Controllers Via Various Strategies

The stupid corona virus controllers group are the one that deserved to be death and vanish forever.
What the shit are they trying to do with the toxin vaccine mandate?
Do you they even use their brain to think and wonder how can any super beings the Messiah would appear when the public are dying?
It is absolutely non-sense for that animal mindset of thinking.

But blaming cannot help, but if you want to defeat and destroy all those stupid covid controllers group, you must use various strategy and try.

First you need to understand that all the covid vaccine was developed many years ago and only be tested in the lab house. While when you put vaccine in the human body, it does not mean anything because the true human organ that created the antibody is the human health system.

The most natural way to defeat all kind of virus are the combination of bitter + spicy herbs like I have said in the previous article. That wombo combo is strong enough to defeat all kind of virus exist and known to humanity till today. Don't believe it, just go try and verify it !

But if you want to win the game against the controllers, you must use normal low level of understand match with the public people.
Everybody know that hot water kill virus.
The hot water = normal water + high temperature
Do the normal water can kill virus? Of course not, so the key ingredient is the high temperature.

What is the hot spicy pepper made of?
The hot spicy pepper = normal pepper + high hot temperature

So the same ingredient both hot water and hot spicy pepper have in common are the one that will 100% going to kill virus (the high hot temperature).
If you going to use that message and explanation to the public people, they will 100% agree with you, ok ?!

If nobody agree with that statement, tell them go to lab house to test, or to eat the most hot spicy pepper to verify it. After you eat the most hot high temperature, you will 100% regain the "smell lost", that I can guarantee !

The vaccine mandate are stupid people they are show how low level of human beings, they do not respect each others !

So if you want to use above winning formula, you are free to do so !

Of course I have many other techniques, strategies and plans that not only defeat the COVID, but also help humanity grow and raise their intelligence level.
But again, I am alone and I do not get money by any entities/groups to do that job.

Since I am the most smart beings of the Universe, that's why I never seek followers or any kind of energy from you guys, so there is no reason for me to setup any group to recruit member for whatever reason !

I am will off completely in this month, so if any of of want to get on board with me to save this civilization from collapse, then you must be very quick since my patience and time is running out, I have no purpose and reason to continue online any more.

Remember human are God, and God are human.

Do not wait or put hope on unseen matter, you must act to save you, save your family, save your nation !

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

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