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How Liberal Barrack Obama Was

How Liberal Barrack Obama Was17-02-2021 00:46
He promoted the Trump family. Why he gave a federal appoint to Donald Trump's sister. When she retired from her judicial bench, she was wrong for doing so. Former President Barrack Obama would declare that the Trump's never cheated on their taxes, why they had access to him.
This is also what led to Donald Trump becoming president, Barrack Obama encouraged him. So when people like Harvey states that Democrats are Dumbocrats, he does have a valid point.
I also saw on PBS where former POTUS Obama encouraged private citizen Donald Trump to become POTUS. Dumbocrats as Harvey says is a fitting term.

I almost missed it. Like Barrack's parent, Trump has a foreign national spouse. Why Barrack liked him.

Edited on 17-02-2021 01:11
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