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Greta and Kiwa

Greta and Kiwa06-12-2019 17:40
Third world guy
Dear Greta, my name is Kiwa and I am 15 years old, I live in a camp for displaced people in South Sudan and I have seen and read the things you say, they have stolen your childhood!!! I think you live in Sweden... Without bothering, you have to be ignorant or silly to say something like that.

Do you really think that the luxury catamaran in which you travel has not been built with polluting elements, just like the electric car in which they say, you will move, as well as your house, your mobile, etc ... or is it: Do you live in a natural cave?

I understand that if you get any disease you will not use any medication in whose manufacture chemical elements and contaminants have been used, but will try to cure with celery and quinoa, which of course will not have been treated with insecticides etc. Therefore, you will eat them with bugs. But of course! If you eat the bugs you are a murderer of living beings, ... but if you do not eat them worse, then that celery is the food of them and their families, who would starve to death because of you. !!

Sorry, but you have to have little shame to say that you have been robbed of childhood, unless you say so because they do not let you go to school like all children. I understand that in your country you will be protesting all day so that they do not manufacture cars or machines, that they do not treat the crops with any product and that they do not cut down trees, etc...

Look, Greta: I want to think that you are simply a puppet in the hands of strange interests, so come out of your bubble for a moment and listen!! Those who have stolen our childhood are us, all the millions of children born in the third world, abused, mutilated, raped and murdered from the moment of our birth, and that we can only survive day by day, wishing that our miser crops do not rot because of lack of treatment to fight pests and we would love to have many more cows farting the atmosphere all day, because that way we would have access to proteins that can prevent the death by malnutrition of millions of our children .

And we would also like to have vehicles that could transport us to school or by water. avoiding tens ofmiles every day. But as we, despite your nonsense remote control to masses idiotized by social networks, we wish you the best and that you can live according to your convictions and you can recover the childhood that you have been robbed, we have reserved a hole in the camp tent number 1,587 from our refugee camp, so you can rest for a while without contaminating, of course, as long as you are lucky and that night does not coincide with one of the usual visits of the hordes of drugged and drunk soldiers.

If you manage to survive, in the morning, hopefully you will have the only meal of the day, which consists of flour porridge mixed with water from the only well we have, of course from contaminated water, and if, as usual, you get cholera, you can clean your ass with dirt and stones.

Another important thing: to avoid contaminating the environment, do not bring the mobile phone or glasses or compresses or toothbrush, since, in its manufacturing process, it has contributed to emit CO2, etc.

Ah! Please try not to fall off the luxury yacht in which you travel, since in the oceans there is already enough garbage...

What have your childhood been stolen ?: Don't worry, that all of us, to do you a favor, WE CHANGE YOU.

There are three kinds of climate change: that generated by natural factors; that generated by man; and that generated by economic interests.
06-12-2019 23:28
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Her childhood was stolen by her parents, who pimped her out to the IPCC for a while. She doesn't want to do any of it, but has to talk all that crap, or her parents don't get paid.
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