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Greenhouse gasses

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05-01-2019 16:12
HarveyH55 wrote:
Tim the plumber wrote:

I agree with your assesment of education.

I have an interest in history.

History is obviously the best story ever. The way it is taught in school is to make it the most boring impossible to be interested in subject ever. This is also the case for all other subjects.

I believe it may be due to the infiltration of the education management by the left. The hard communist left. The goal of which is the destruction of society to then build their new world order. Although it is almost all about the destruction part really. Basically traitor personality type.

These people exists. They work together to do what they do.

History covers a lot of area, unfortunately most of the history classes I took focused on war and government, both weren't of any particular interest to me. I guess it was because there was so much of it going on at the time, it was like getting a double dose, and sort crowded everything else. Starting with the Kennedy assassinations, Vietnam war, and Watergate. A lot of repetition, and no end or change in sight. Guess I just learned to find something else to study, or do, and it sort of carried over to history class, or pretty much anything related. Now, I like natural history, local history, and most anything related to subject had an interest in.

I real do believe there is something more going on with many of the democrats, least the far left progressives. It's not just a common set of views and values, but there seems to be a well defined path to reach certain goals. Seemed pretty obvious that there was no collusion, and no real definitive proof given of the Russian meddling (details were never released, because of the investigation). But, it was important to keep Trump busy, and away from even talking to the Russians. Russia is a strong power on the planet, like them or hate them, we need to have some sort of relationship. All the past presidents have had many talks with russian leaders, and Trump should have been doing so, regardless of the investigation. I think ObamaCare was the thing that really opened my eyes. Health insurance certainly isn't health care. It's everyone paying, for something most don't need, and many don't need. It was already widely available, and affordable through many employers. Insurance is great, but pretty useless, if you can't afford the co-pay or deductible. If your young, in good health, just starting out on your own, it's not a high priority. The claimed 50 million Americans were uninsured, didn't seem like a high number, to force the other 350 million to pay more, and get less. Would have been better to encourage more employers to offer a group plan. Many of those uninsured, simply needed to get a job. Took three tries to push Obamacare through, and quite a few in congress admitted they hadn't read the bill, before voting for it, they didn't do their job, and it didn't matter. There really wasn't any urgency, other than politics, and losing power to get it passed.

The border wall, and security seems like a long neglected, and more urgently needed topic to address. Instead of individuals and small groups, they come to the border by the thousands. While we are focused on the large group, the rest of the border is wide open for the smaller groups and individuals. A wall won't stop them much, but slow them down some, make it a little easier to catch them in the act. Really don't get how foreign criminals are entitled to the same legal rights as our own citizens. Shouldn't be a trial process, just send them back over the border. A wall, a physical barrier is just a good start, easier to patrol and defend. Technology can be added and used later, as needed.

There are a lot of good ideas, but the urgency and implementation is all wrong. A lot of people are getting hurt, financially, and some people are getting wealthy out of the political agenda of pushing these things. Seems well planned, and focused. What we see as sources of the main problems, are defended, protected. The people who provide use jobs, and protect our savings and investments, are attacked and crippled.

All of the Democrat extremism had an all to familiar ring to it. I remember hearing a history teacher tell me about this since it had been to terribly recent to him from shortly before the war.

Then I remembered that Woodrow Wilson was a college teacher and things started to fall into place. There was a group that called themselves "The Technocrats" who actually believed that we are not smart enough to be able to govern ourselves. Doesn't that sound an awful lot like "deplorables"?

So I started digging around and found a reference to it. This video runs for about an hour but it has the entire story. When you compare it to the Democrat Party of today and what they are saying and doing and it is plain that this is the Technocrats in action:

To underscore this it is important to note that this is not available on Youtube - one of the bases of the Technocrats.
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