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Greenhouse Effect and the 1909 Wood's Experiment

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28-08-2017 21:26
Into the Night
GreenMan wrote:
Into the Night wrote:

You haven't looked at the weather in the Pacific Northwest, have you?

We get warm fronts here that last for MONTHS.

There is no such thing as a "front" that last for months, idiot. Warm air moves in from somewhere else. Then it's over, even if it stays warm for weeks after the warm air come in. That doesn't mean a front is still moving in. It just means that the greenhouse gases in the air are warming the air a little more than the ground is warming it.

Oooo. You used 'no such thing as...' That builds another paradox for you. YOU can use the phrase, but I can' that it???

There is such a thing as front that lasts for months, idiot. But then again, you don't live here to experience it for yourself.

I do.

Carbon dioxide does not have the power to warm the air. You keep trying for the Magick Bouncing Photon argument. I have already shown why it doesn't work.

Now you are just changing your mantras, as taught to you by the Church of Global Warming.

The Parrot Killer
28-08-2017 22:34
Into the Night wrote:
Wake wrote:
Into the Night wrote: We get warm fronts here that last for MONTHS.

But that doesn't change the fact that sun showing on the surface of dirt absorbs essentially 100% of the energy. Then depending on the conductivity of the soil and the temperature of the air above it it may conduct that energy into the air.

Remember that greenman was arguing that air was warmer than soil.

Actually, it does (a bit). Much of our warm air comes from the nearby ocean water, which is absorbing more energy than our soil is (because it's cloudy all the time!).

That isn't what greenman was talking about though. Sure the surface of the Earth is 70% water so that absorbs the majority of sunlight. But when he's talking about the air above the "ground" being warmer than the ground he's just showing that he's one of those "woman's private parts".
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