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Gravity because it's a heavy subject

Gravity because it's a heavy subject22-10-2019 08:44
Hopefully everyone understands gravity.
There is sqrt(gm/r) and f = gm1m2/r^2.

With the first, it's the KE a mass has x distance from the center of the Earth. With the 2nd, it's 2 bodies like the Moon and the Earth or the Moon and the Earth orbiting the Sun.

This brings up the question, why is the Earth's core liquid iron?
The simple answer is that compression caused by gravity creates entropy which is realized as heat.
This is also why water is drawn down from the surface. The gravitational effect increases with the KE of the core. And the core is the result of the diameter of the body and its distance from the Sun. This should be basic knowledge but gravity is always related to distance from the core but is not based on the density of the core itself.
Consider Venus, Earth and Mars. Mars is about 1/2 the diameter of the Earth while Venus is also smaller but is much hotter. That makes no sense unless the core of the planet becomes denser.
Occam's Razor. What this means is that gravity increases towards the center of a planet and this is what draws water from the surface down towards the water table/aquifer.
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