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glacials and interglacials caused by resonance?

glacials and interglacials caused by resonance?10-01-2016 00:34
Tai Hai Chen
Yesterday I was looking at human speech resonance, and it was surprising how closely it resembles glacial and interglacials.

compared with

I think, there is a resonance in space, or on the Sun, or maybe on Earth, that people do not yet detect and know about, that causes cyclic glacial and interglacial periods. What do you think?
Edited on 10-01-2016 00:35
10-01-2016 00:38
Tai Hai Chen
Perhaps, the microwave background radiation of space resonates and therefore its energy fluctuates in cycles and this cycle is what causes the cycle of glacials and interglacials.
Edited on 10-01-2016 00:38
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