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Getting Back to Climate

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12-04-2023 05:55
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
Swan wrote:
Into the Night wrote:
Swan wrote:
Into the Night wrote:
Swan wrote:
HarveyH55 wrote:
Swan wrote:
HarveyH55 wrote:
Climate doesn't apply to the entire planet, all the time, everywhere. It's a delusional fantasy, shared among climate-cult members.

Again silly there are micro and macro climates and a global climate.

So try again simpleton

Then what is the global climate? What is the description of what the entire planet shares? Average, is an imaginary number on paper, or computer screen. What is the real world conditions that I can experience and observe here in Florida? Then travel to the North Pole, and see the same thing. You are either a liar, a complete moron, or a delusion-ed cult member, just regurgitating chants and mantra that you lack the mental-muscle to comprehend as false. My money is on you being an uneducated moron, easily deceived.

The global climate deals with Earth averages for example the global climate temp of Earth is 57F or 13.9C.

You may now resume wanking

Climate has no temperature. There is no such thing as a global climate.
It is not possible to measure the temperature of the Earth. Argument from randU fallacy.

Actually all climates are described as a series of averages.
...deleted Mantra 1i...

There is nothing to average. Climate has no value associated with it.
It has no temperature or any other value.

Mantra 1d.

The Parrot Killer

Debunked in my sig. - tmiddles

Google keeps track of paranoid talk and i'm not on their list. I've been evaluated and certified. - keepit

nuclear powered ships do not require nuclear fuel. - Swan

While it is true that fossils do not burn it is also true that fossil fuels burn very well - Swan
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