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Geoengineering to Neutralize Ocean Acidification

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24-05-2024 19:26
keepit, if you can lower your blood pressure by half, you'll reduce your CO2 footprint.
24-05-2024 19:52
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It includes extensive discussion of paleobiogeochemistry as well as applied biogeochemistry for environmental remediation.

Even under the best-case climate change mitigation scenarios, atmospheric concentrations of carbon will only gradually decline. Even if we cease all fossil fuel combustion tomorrow, ocean "acidification" (i.e. depletion of alkalinity) would continue to get worse for decades to come.

Direct human intervention to perform environmental chemotherapy and provide exogenous alkalinity to the sea by ourselves, dumping gigatons of lime or grinding up gigatons of rocks to transport and distribute to the sea is a non-starter. It is simply not humanly possible to provide the quantities required.

Coastal wetlands are the major source of new alkalinity entering many marine ecosystems, as submarine groundwater discharge.

Under the low oxygen conditions of wetland soil, bacteria use sulfate as oxidant to oxidize organic carbon and acquire energy. Sulfate reduction by bacteria generates inorganic carbon alkalinity, bicarbonate ion, HCO3-, and carbonate ion, CO3(2-), rather than carbon dioxide as the oxidized carbon product.

If anyone is curious, there are three distinctly different geoengineering approaches that could be applied to increase the generation of alkalinity for the sea through oxidation of wetland sediment organic carbon via microbial sulfate reduction.

"sealover" is a PhD biogeochemist who performed extensive research on wetland soil and groundwater of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Relevant posts of this thread are compiled, beginning top of page 10

24-05-2024 22:43
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
Carbon isn't carbon dioxide. Fossils aren't used as fuel. You can't acidify an alkaline. There is no such chemical as 'sulfate'. Carbon isn't organic. There is no such thing as biogeochemistry.

Your religion is not science. Stop spamming.
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