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fossil fuel

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16-10-2020 19:08
duncan61 wrote:
No sea level rise here either and half the ice has gone.The global doom crew are in trouble

I thought it was just melting around Norway, under that monster ozone hole they made. Those nasty Norwegian kids, spray painting filthy words, and crude images of genitals.

If all the ice melts on the north pole, does that mean Christmas is cancelled? Santa uses a sled, and I'm sure it'll wear out quick over mud and rock.

Couldn't we just start dumping all of our floating garbage in the oceans, and make some sort of adhesive out of all that captured CO2, to make massive floating islands to live on? I'm sure the odor would eventually go away in a few decades. We can't just keep burying all that crap China sells on Amazon. China stopped buy our garbage, when Trump started making them pay for it, and they put a stiff tariff on it. Why pay China to take our trash, when we can just bury it for free...
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