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Forgivable Carbon Sins...

Forgivable Carbon Sins...23-04-2022 22:29
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
1. Why do we forgive the carbon sins, of our greatest climate champions? Shouldn't these people be setting the example, of how each individual can do their part, in reducing humanity's carbon-footprint. It seems a lot easier for the climate-elite to dictate rules for thee, which they are immune to follow themselves. There are a minimal of three global climate summit/conferences, for which thousands of the climate warriors hope on planes (many private jets), and flock to attend. Many, only just for a few hours of face-time for the media, before quickly departing. There are dozens of small venue get together, usually resorts, that can't really be accessed by most, without hopping on a plane. The ability to teleconference has been around for a couple decades. Past couple years of covid, has shown just how well it can be implemented. Millions of people worked from home. Student took their class at home, attend class virtually. Of course online events don't include an open-bar, or happy-ending massage. Most of the attendees aren't even paying for their own transportation, room, board, bar tab, or 'extra services'. Their government is picking up the tab, so they can have a fun, and productive meeting.

2. Organic fertilizers. Environment destroying fertilizers, being replaced with 'natural' alternatives to save the planet. The 'natural' alternative, is manure, or composted manure. Either way, a whole lot of planet-killing methane greenhouse gas is released. Creating a thick, heat-trapping blanket surrounding the planet. Either way, it's still destroying the environment, and killing the planet. Why is this forgivable?
24-04-2022 04:08
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
HarveyH55 wrote:
1. Why do we forgive the carbon sins, of our greatest climate champions?

Why settle for only half the wealth when you can have doubled standards for the same price?

HarveyH55 wrote: it seems a lot easier for the climate-elite to dictate rules for thee, which they are immune to follow themselves.

We wouldn't be obedient sheep if we weren't controlled by fear, now would we?

Controlling the masses necessarily means OTHERS do the OBEYING and the elite do the ordering. Normally the masses don't like to be ordered around, but fear takes care of that problem.
24-04-2022 05:52
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I often wonder how much CO2 spewing fuel climate activists burn, when they travel to examine/hunt for media worthy signs of catastrophic effects of climate change. Seem like when one makes an earth-baking discovery, hundreds show up for selfies, and media face-time, to put in two-cents worth of dire commentary, and desperate pleas.

There is something wrong in what they preach, and what they are willing to to do themselves. They know there are many options, to contributing to the problem, them claim to be fighting. Yet, they keep on, with the same selfish behaviors they condemn the rest of us for using.

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