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FIFA World Cup 2022 Must Upgrade, Have 48 Teams To Show Sports Is Not Only About Winning

FIFA World Cup 2022 Must Upgrade, Have 48 Teams To Show Sports Is Not Only About Winning22-11-2021 14:12
FIFA World Cup 2022 Must Upgrade, Have 48 Teams To Show Sports Is Not Only About Winning

Competition is great to grow, to evolve between humans in this society.
But winning does not mean everything in life.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament should and must change the format and the rules to give the people a special message that winning does not mean everything, everybody have equal opportunity to join the biggest international football event.

Some other reasons are:
– The hosting country Qatar are too small, while there are similar wealthy nations nearby as well.
– The level of the every team very similar, there is no much difference about it.
– Bring more fun and entertainment to the event.
– Reconnect people all around the world, so they can spend more time to share society activity with each others.

My proposal plan:
Hosting nations:
– Will including few nearby nations in that rich oil gulf zone such as UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait.
– The Qatar can still host total number of the football matches the same, while new nations will only allowed to host the new additional matches. This could be change depend on the agreement.

48 Qualified Team
– All the current 32 direct qualified team slot will still be remained.
– 16 new additional team will be draw from the rest (all unqualified teams) with formula:
+ Hosting continent: 8 teams.
+ Former champion continent: 4 teams.
+ 2 remaining continents: 2 teams.

4 Major continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, America + Pacific.

The drawing rule must be fair so the best is using physical dice game.
Only teams that have never played in any World Cup event is allowed to join the lucky loser dice.
Above rules will keep for the next 4, 8, 12, 16 or more events. When at least 90% of all nations have their chance to join and appear on the FIFA World event.
Then the rule could be change will similar format and/or the teams could grow to 64 teams.

– Group Stage: 8 groups with 6 teams from all continent (total 48 teams).
* Max 2 team per continent, min 1 team per continent.
** Winner and runner up each group will join the final elimination stage.

– Single Elimination Stage: Top 16 teams will play head-to-head like the current rule.

Time Schedule:
There should be 6 matches each day.
Time can be from 12 hours to 22 hours: 12.00 ; 14.00 ; 16.00 ; 18.00 ; 20.00 ; 22.00.

Many of you may "concern about the heat, temperature".
But hey, you can increase the number of substitution to 11 players for a match too.
Or even have a special rule like allow unlimited players substitution during the break time between each half.
Another nice rule is allow each team have up to 36 – 40 players in the tournament.

That's my special godlike idea.
Since it just my quick thought so I don't go much into bigger details.

But this ideas will greatly help and make life more fun and interesting, give people more join and send a special message to all as winning does not mean anything, everybody have equal chance to join the party.

If you want to use my ideas, don't forget receive my permission.

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

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