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Fake Meat?

Fake Meat?20-09-2019 20:30
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★

Took me a day to digest... It's a pretty sick article, really don't understand the appeal.

If you don't want meat in your diet, why would you buy something to remind you of what you decide to stop eating, not to mention it could never be as good as you remember it. They have been telling us how bad processed foods are for us, and their poor nutritional value for decades. This 3D printed plant/meat thing, is the most processed product you could hope to get. You can never get the same nutrition, compared to animal flesh, or just eating the vegetables used to create it. I'm not sure why it's important that everyone go vegan. I should be free to eat what I feel is healthiest, not have somebody else make that choice for me. I don't care too much about what other people eat. There are a whole lot of lifestyle choices, I have no desire in experimenting with, and rather not know the details of some. Unfortunately, society seems to think we all need to be fully informed, and supportive of the personal choices of others.

I don't like the way vegan food, closely mimics real food items, like that plant steak. I spent sometime Googling vegan versions of animal and dairy foods, and it's tough to find anything that they haven't made an approximation for. The taste would be questionable, based on ingredients, but it's just the appearance, and definitely not a nutritional equivalent. Sure, foods can be fun and enjoyable, but nutrition should be the main concern.
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