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Ecohypocrisy website - Your help is requested in expanding it

Ecohypocrisy website - Your help is requested in expanding it29-05-2018 02:39

Across America and around the world, sanctimonious pretenders of environmental piety tell everyone else to cut back, stop burning that evil fossil fuel, and save the earth. Then they slap each other on the back and do as they please, not as they preach. Take Al Gore, please. Or Barack Obama. Or United Nations bureaucrats. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger. As governor of California, he signed Executive Order S-03-5, which mandates an 80% reduction in greenhouse gases based on 1990 usage. Has he or any of these other ecohypocrites cut back their own "carbon footprint" by 80%? Not remotely.

Here is a current schedule of some of the seminars run by ecohypocrites around the world. Instead of videoconferencing, and practicing what they preach, they fly all over the place, no doubt largely at public expense, to wine and dine and shake hands and congratulate each other on how wonderful they all are.

National Geographic magazine
Relentlessly lectures readers on climate change catastrophes around the globe, while offering tours around the world, including Around the World by Private Jet, for $75,000 per passenger.

Sierra Club magazine
Like National Geographic, Sierra Club advertises and promotes worldwide travel, and profits from their ecohypocrisy.

Other ecohypocrites include:

Smithsonian magazine
Los Angeles Times
New York Times
Join the debate Ecohypocrisy website - Your help is requested in expanding it:

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