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dox spamming

dox spamming06-05-2024 20:01
what dox, what is spamming.
06-05-2024 21:24
Im a BM
keepit wrote:
what dox, what is spamming.

Spam is a canned pork product produced by Hormel.

"Spam" took on a new meaning with Internet e mail.

"Spam" was unsolicited messages sent indiscriminately.

"Spamming" was the indiscriminate distribution of unsolicited e mail messages.

Most "spam" was for marketing products or services, but it includes a lot more than that, such as the dissemination of disinformation with a political agenda.

In Internet discussion forums "spamming" took on a different meaning.

Unsolicited messages is still part of the meaning, but it basically refers to wasting forum space with irrelevant posts.

"Dox" can be defined as:

"Search for and publish private identifying information about (a particular individual) on the internet, typically with malicious intent."
06-05-2024 21:30
Thanks im a bm. I knew it wasn't a good thing.

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