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Do You Believe the Liberals?

Do You Believe the Liberals?16-01-2018 02:58

Also, because hurricanes were not appearing it appears that the Obama group created them with something called "chem-trails" which contain aluminum and barium powder. By using various types of radio-frequency transmissions you can actually generate a hurricane and even targeting them. They are detectable by flying through these chem-trails and testing the trail.
16-01-2018 09:38
"old sick silly sleepy sleezy slimy slimebarf steenkin' filthy vile reprobate rooting (& rotting) racist pukey proud pig AGW denier liar whiner & many time (plus 1) threatener wake-me-up" wiffed:... hurricanes ....the Obama group created them with something called "chem-trails"...
HA.... Everybody knows dat hurricanes is made by Paul Bunyan flappin' planks tryin' to fly.... what a set of vortexes off the wingtips!!!
16-01-2018 20:12
You can ALL believe that this is a "conspiracy theory" until you listen to the UN.

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