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Did A Socialist Country Take The Right Approach?

Did A Socialist Country Take The Right Approach?29-04-2020 22:48
Sweden closed most schools and it's universities. People went to bars and out to eat in restaurants. They're socialist because they like socializing.
They also accepted things that Americans don't. If social distancing is necessary, then keep your distance. Avoid large gatherings? Smaller ones with friends work just as well if not better.
Be respectful of other people living in your country? We're socialists, no need to ask that question.
What to remember is the population difference between the US and Sweden is about 34:1. So when they say 100 deaths per day, that would be 3,400 in the US. Yet if you look at how quickly they peaked and then the numbers dropped, this might be because the number of Swedes who accepted the guidelines went from 7 out of 10 to 9 out of 10.
I call this the Norwegian Curve. It might be a little steeper than the slow American Curve Ball destroying the US economy but overall, fewer deaths and a quicker recovery to normalcy. And this is what I've been saying the entire time but it's unAmerican to want to see your fellow Americans safe while businesses stay open and people earn a living.
Simple terms everyone, if I can get out alive, I will be a lucky man and I mean out of the US. Of course, my training in the US Navy also taught me that it takes a ship's crew to keep it floating. Just too many things that can go wrong on an aircraft carrier. Everyone needs to do their job.
I transferred off of this ship because I wanted dry dock experience (overhauling a ship) rather than partying in the Western/South Pacific. On the west coast, there are shipyards and jobs. Even when I was on the USS Kitty Hawk, there were times the ship and crew were at risk. Planes crash landing on the flight deck, running over a Russian submarine, all threats to safety of those onboard.
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29-04-2020 23:20
If ya'all are wondering, on aircraft carriers, they have safety nets. Can't get to the main shaft unless you pass a few of them going down to the shaft alleys on ships. They also use them on flight decks.
How does an aircraft land with a broken axle/wheel assembly? Not like this. They land on 2 wheels and literally crash into a safety net. With live munitions on board, with this video, no munitions went off. If so, the flight deck would be worthless and the ship would have to return to port or dry dock for repairs. With this part of it, being mission ready is what's important. Might be something at stake elsewhere. That's a part of military service. You kind of learn when stuff like this is averted, it's a pretty good day after all even if a $34 million aircraft was lost and everyone gets to go home. And the purpose of the military is to deter hostile actions.
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29-04-2020 23:37
The ship I transferred to that was in dry dock;

6 Russians died on that. Apparently we didn't know where they were. Could you imagine if their nukes went off? From what was said on ship was that they crossed our bow at a right angle to us.
And then after rolling down about 1/2 the length of our ship, they popped out from underneath us and to the surface. How did the US Navy ever let a nuclear Russian submarine ever get that close to an aircraft carrier?
I thought that a lot of what I heard was B.S. until I received a letter from my mother. She sent me the Seattle Times story on it. Not everything was said. Apparently the press released had been redacted because of National Security. It sounds funny to say that today but information was omitted.

And guys, I'd say that something differently happened but thankfully the nukes on the Russian submarines just like the weapons on the crash landing of a carrier based airplane didn't go off. There's a reason why they use 2 separate elevators to move ordinance on an aircraft carrier, no direct line to the source in case something happens.
And now I'm thinking nothing has happened in ya'alls lives. I guess "not being there" makes the difference. And with something like this, politics comes into play. This is something that could be quite serious. Kind of why National Security comes to mind. It was more serious than what the media said.
Kind of why we don't drop bombs on each other. Still, it shows where even governments and their agents need to practice social distancing.

The modern version;

and then they watched Top Gun;

Kind of being an a$$hole here but the phone talkers in my engine room listened in on all ship board communications. Kind of how if you watch the movie Titanic, things have changed and how bells and whistles are sounded are a little different today. Basically everybody on a phone hears and only those that need to respond, do. It's a ship wide communication system so that as information becomes known, phone talkers can repeat what they've been told. Like the movie Wind Talkers featuring Native Americans. It's the same on any Naval ship. Everyone needs to know what's happening. Can't say "abandon ship" over multiple lines.
Kind of wished you guys knew this stuff.
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