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Dianne Feinstein's climate change discussion with schoolchildren gets heated

Dianne Feinstein's climate change discussion with schoolchildren gets heated23-02-2019 15:33
Tai Hai Chen
23-02-2019 20:37
Tai Hai Chen wrote:

Too bad she doesn't know enough about AGW to be able to tell them that their government has been lying to them strictly to gain and retain more power and taxes.

You would think that at her age she would be willing to speak the truth before he has to explain why she didn't to her maker.
24-02-2019 16:41
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
She's FBR, sold her soul, when she took office... But really though, I don't think most of them really know much of anything. They go with what they are told the facts are by their party, associates, and who pays them. Their position is anything that will promote there careers, and get votes. It's what's popular, not necessarily what's right or real. Most stopped forming personal opinions or trying to understand, long time ago. Most read their speeches, and public statements, rather than writing their own, or bother to memorize. I could understand glancing down at notes, but pretty much reading word for word, doesn't inspire much trust or confidence in what they are saying.

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