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Denmark needs Africa

Denmark needs Africa04-01-2011 19:37

In Denmark we have a well known song about the need to help Africa:
And the dream will not die, ver. 2010:

But when we cut out the crying and get back to logic we must realize that Denmark needs help from Africa as well.

If we can find a way to make a UN sealed deal that can ensure Denmark a peace of dessert with some coastline we could be in business.

The climate policy for Denmark should in my opinion among other things soon obligate us to find dessert for development of civilisation and sun energy plants in hot areas.
We need to learn how to live in a warmer area, and we need renewable energy, and in spite of work against overpopulation we need a place to evacuate several 100.000 people from Denmark and Greenland and some other places in a new ice-age worst case scenario.
We have to be prepared in order to keep the people safe.

But what does the African people say, do they want a horrible price in return, or will they just be happy to get company from boiled dusted Danes in the dessert..?

Maybe it can be a good chance for Africa also to play safe and ask for a part in the development and maybe ask for an area in Greenland in case of much stronger global warming..?

I am not representing any organisation. It is my own personal thoughts and everybody are welcome contribute in the same way. Thanks.
What do you say, is it all taken care of on COP 15 and 16..? I don't think so. But feel free to tell me about it.
06-01-2011 15:55
Hi Jakob.

There is an interesting opinion piece in the Danish newspaper 'Information' - a view of where things will go from here by Christian Friis Bach, an adjunct professor of international economics at the University of Copenhagen

Original article HERE and a valiant Google translation HERE

In October 2010 I attended a UN meeting in New York. For dinner, I sat against the Japanese chief negotiator during the climate summit in Copenhagen. We had hardly been put fork in the starter before the questions rained down on me - a Dane and participating in COP15: What on earth happened in Copenhagen? How could it go so wrong ...?

When I told him that a Danish journalist had written a book about the whole process, rather he jumped up and loudly demanded that it be translated immediately. A requirement that massive was followed by the rest of the participants at the table, almost all had participated in COP15 as dealers and lobbyists. They wanted to know what happened.

After COP -16 in Cancun, climate negotiators shook themselves free of the trauma of Copenhagen. A trauma which was largely due to a failed process and chaotic conference environment. The political disagreement remains. The disagreement we will see in full force of in 2011. Climate Negotiations will provide a framework for another remarkable confrontation in the global balance of power - financial, technological, political.

Winners are given in advance - it is the group of emerging economies in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The losers will be particularly U.S. and EU, both will lose influence, growth and the technological edge, we have been sitting on for several hundred years. Climate negotiations are the wings. A new world order is coming.

I agree with his basic message that the time has come when the developed world can no longer dictate terms and conditions to the developing world, while continueing to claw the lions share of the planet's resources to itself. When I see human herd instict and consider the (very simple) lessons from history, my inevitable conclusion is that there can never be a 'climate deal' that can keep us under the '2 degrees'.

30-01-2011 21:10


If there will never be a global deal so much more important it must be that each country find ways to solve the problems by cooperating in a smaller scale.
The need of solving climate problems are not proportional with the global consensus.

It may also be a wild dream, but among a lot of things I would like some Danish scientist to work on this one too:

Build a solar cell factory. Produce solar cells use energy from solar cells to build a new factory - and then repeat the procedure again and again.

These are the main ideas behind a Japanese-Algerian research project which aims to collect 100 GW out of the sun's rays, but before the researchers, among other things, find out how the sand in the Sahara can be used to produce solar cells.


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