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Corporate Spies

Corporate Spies18-12-2012 04:30
Global warming campaigns have been thwarted by saboteurs and predators of the corporate underworld!!!
Retired high-level U.S. Secret Service agents running Beckett Brown International (BBI) planned, directed and carried out break-ins, document thefts, wiretapping, electronic bugging, computer hacking, planting of moles and other criminal operations against those trying to conduct global warming public education and direct action campaigns.
Former NSA, Navy, state and local police have also been part of these illegal activities.
Victims have included Greenpeace, Fenton Communications and National Environmental Trust among others.
Privileged attorney-client communications, confidential legal memoranda, campaign planning documents, phone call detail records, passwords, credit card information, social security numbers, bank account information, financial reports, balance sheets, budgets, tax returns, donor records and other highly sensitive information has been stolen.
Baltimore law firm Semmes, Bowen & Semmes - which was involved in some illegal BBI activities - has very forcefully threatened me with "SEVERE CONSEQUENCES" if I tell anyone anything about any of this.
Past BBI presidents have tailed, surveilled, and attempted to blackmail me.
Greenpeace filed a lawsuit on 10/7/11 in D.C. Superior Court against former Beckett Brown International personnel and others.
Go to to see the suit and some of the evidence.
Additional BBI crimes can be viewed by watching the 8/23/12 CNBC "Crime Inc. Secrets For Sale", reading chapter 6 of "Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy" by Eamon Javers and also googling "In the Crosshairs of Justice--Corporate Dirty Tricks Exposed".
Some experts have called the many, many BBI criminal acts the biggest corporate espionage scandal of all-time......
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20-12-2012 18:34
truth wrote:
Global warming campaigns have been thwarted by saboteurs and predators of the corporate underworld!!!

WOW !! You are obviously the victim of a worldwide corporate campaign... You must therefore be a very important person to deserve so much attention from those people. Although the possibility of paranoia is not to be ruled out. :-)

"What you know will never hurt you, what will hurt you is what you don't know"
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