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Climate is a question of price offering

Climate is a question of price offering12-12-2019 23:31
This is how I claim that world can become less dependant on fossil fuels.

It is very simple, just let all goverments agree not to tax green energy. Then we setup a site where all goverments tell what they will agree to pay per kwh for different types of energy.

If a goverment like windmills and solar then they might offer 10c per kwh for this energy and maybe 8cents for nuclear, and maybe 3-4cents for oil and coal.

This way world investors will invest where they are paid the most. So investors build and when energy platform is setup and they might invested 10billion, then they sell 90% at exchange, so investors get a payment all agree on.

It is really simple, if pensionfunds can earn 22% in one year, then they will love this idea, and after one year they will reinvest if possible.

If private people can expect maybe 5% taxfree in return after they get paid their initial investment then it is possible a good idea to take a loan in house at lower interestrates to invest.

And many will accept to invest just for the good cause.

If goverments just agree what to pay all over the world, then im sure investors will be attracted to the honey, and goverments do not need to invest huge money as they think they need to today.

It is simply a question of setting a minimum price per kwh that is above long term cost, and to pay investors for their risk. Then world is ready to invest huge money - and so would I and many other.

But ofcourse in this way world would direct investments to these countries that pay the best. I do not see a problem in that.

And if goverments want to invest too this is just a plus.

Note. I wont take a fight with people who dislike idea ect. This is just my opinion, now you can think of it a bringing it to a better place if you like it.

Goverments do not need to find money, they need to agree consumers to pay what they find suitable. A goverment could tell that they only accept investors from home country.

JMHO thanks for reading.
13-12-2019 05:33
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Anders wrote:It is very simple, just let all goverments agree not to tax green energy.

If they can agree to just "not tax" alternative energy sources then they can also agree to just "not tax" hydrocarbons.

I like that option better.


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