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Climate Documentary: The Cross of the Moment

Climate Documentary: The Cross of the Moment28-05-2018 05:47
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆
"The Cross of the Moment attempts to connect the dots between Fermi's Paradox, climate change, capitalism, and collapse. Interviews with top scientists and public intellectuals are woven together into a narrative that is challenging, exhausting, and often depressing as it refuses to accept the easy answers posited by other overly-simplistic climate change documentaries."

"Bring us your sick and tired, your educated ..."
28-05-2018 19:33
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
The Church of Global Warming stems from the Church of Karl Marx. This is already known.
28-05-2018 23:54
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆

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