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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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Climate Change Questionnaire3032114-05-2018
equatorial Ozone depletion atmospheric sluff due to heating12781514-05-2018
Shame award for Shell2851113-05-2018
how to reduce climate change16071811-05-2018
VERY Good video36211111-05-2018
Water Vapor is THE Dominant Greenhouse Gas13111010-05-2018
Betting on Global Warming4744309-05-2018
The Gulf Stream - (Side: 1 2 3)609011008-05-2018
Want to get punched in the face?1498708-05-2018
Have No Opinion, ITN or Wake ? It's whatever you say it is.1158206-05-2018
This is funny - (Side: 1 2)44245405-05-2018
Analysis of Emissions20412518-04-2018
The world's first global no-fly climate conference.20331616-04-2018
They Finally Admitted It.15531416-04-2018
Google And Fake News23883410-04-2018
The Reason I Switched to the Republican Party - (Side: 1 2)50286009-04-2018
Geology and Climate Change17911930-03-2018
How Much Is Trly Human Caused?16521629-03-2018
Climate Change12561127-03-2018
Atmospheric Heat Entropy - (Side: 1 2)41386726-03-2018
Winter Sea Ice Sets Record1327525-03-2018
Arctic Sea Ice1531219-03-2018
The link is to an article in the Daily Mail about asteroids and the last ice age - (Side: 1 2)39704516-03-2018
I'm not sure what to make of this18461614-03-2018
New Research Again Proves Warmies Wrong.1598614-03-2018
Do Catalytic Converters Really make a difference?47833614-03-2018
I miss my good friend Spot1334613-03-2018
ClimateCoop - Blockchain based collaboration & governance platform enabling dynamic community develop20801911-03-2018
Methods of shutting down democratic debate22222608-03-2018
New research combats the poor reasoning that influences climate-change denial15361007-03-2018
Is Human Activity the Reason for Climate Change1876407-03-2018
The Trump Administration Wants To Debate Climate Change On TV. Here's What Scientists Think About It 17981506-03-2018
Fast recovery of thick Arctic ice - (Side: 1 2 ... 11)3731040306-03-2018
East Antarctic Ice Shelf Weaknesses - (Side: 1 2 ... 6)1587621005-03-2018
Weather extremes27542901-03-2018
Participate climate change survey1230127-02-2018
Can people change their mind about global warming?1515627-02-2018
The Emissivity of the Earth - (Side: 1 2)53347424-02-2018
Climatte Change For Idiots!27792723-02-2018
Strategies for Building More Environmentally Friendly Cities1195222-02-2018
Nothing to do with climate anywhere - (Side: 1 2 3)63748921-02-2018
The Loss of Confidence1219221-02-2018
Disseration Research1715719-02-2018
Tanker makes solo voyage through melting Arctic Sea17331017-02-2018
Calculating the surface temperature of the moon40232016-02-2018
Evidence of Sinclair Syndicate's Purchase of ABC22562012-02-2018
Ideas of Mine27993611-02-2018
How effective are the UK strategies to reduce global warming?(please complete survey) - (Side: 1 2 3 4)888612708-02-2018
The USA has snow in all 50 states21081506-02-2018
Clouds and temperature31043601-02-2018
TEMPERATURE DATA released for 201718031127-01-2018
For Wake16741327-01-2018
Some Things To Consider - (Side: 1 2)35744327-01-2018
The moment of Mann is fast approaching2340225-01-2018
Global warming and ice caps - (Side: 1 2 3 4)875912223-01-2018
White House approves report - humans are causing global warming - starkly contradicts Trump - Nov 20171498419-01-2018
Do You Believe the Liberals?1224216-01-2018
The Argument for AGW - (Side: 1 2)45676415-01-2018
Snowfall Increases, Antarctica1577712-01-2018
El Nino, La Nina Effects on Antarctic Ice Shelves1502312-01-2018
2 degree increase is what we are looking at ?=21341111-01-2018
Ignorance Is No Excuse16432011-01-2018
Ethical Depopulation Could Save the Planet - (Side: 1 2 3)955511509-01-2018
Why the greenhouse effect does not violate the first law of thermodynamics - (Side: 1 2 ... 9)3062235509-01-2018
A Slap in the Face for Climate Change17261109-01-2018
In The Night15901209-01-2018
Ever Wonder If The warming Arctic Ocean Is Causing This ?26351508-01-2018
The Return of the Crying15001307-01-2018
Climate Change is Nothing More than Leftist Lies.22071905-01-2018
Climate Change in South Carolina1324404-01-2018
In Your Face - the IPCC and Fraud2706904-01-2018
Radio Ecoshock - Can Humans Survive?1247228-12-2017
Is This Helping To Increase The Severity of Fires In California ?17281223-12-2017
Barrow Alaska Rapid Heating - (Side: 1 2 ... 9)2279435023-12-2017
Climate Change Website and Legacy Project1469423-12-2017
Oklahoma Earthquakes And The Rise In Fracking15311021-12-2017
Barrow, Alaska: The Leading Edge Of Climate Change - 7 mins1376221-12-2017
The case against man made climate change, condensed - 23 mins1231121-12-2017
Study Reveals Dangerous Levels of Radioactivity Near Fracking Waste Sites - 7 mins23183420-12-2017
Alaska: State of Emergency - 20 mins1497919-12-2017
I propose a weeks silence - due to the current outbreak of Socialism in Ventura CA.1472519-12-2017
Shale cowboys: fracking under Trump - (VPRO documentary - 2017)1820418-12-2017
Bernie Sanders & Al Gore Discuss Climate Change and Renewables (July 2017)2486918-12-2017
Climate Change Solutions : What you thought you knew is obsolete. Joe Romm1370318-12-2017
Does 97% of science agree?1924917-12-2017
Radio Ecoshock - John Mashey lays out the conspiracy, and names names - Feb 201223992816-12-2017
Real Temperature Measurement of Earth19432116-12-2017
An open letter to the Prime Minister on the climate crisis, from 154 scientists - August 24, 201617101216-12-2017
What "Ecologists" Are Willing To Do1339615-12-2017
James Hansen's Lecture: Global Climate Change: Can the Next Generation Avert a Catastrophe?25483214-12-2017
The Dumber of the Two Political Parties Even Know it Now - (Side: 1 2 3)65028714-12-2017
EPA To Bring Debate to the Public19371913-12-2017
Reaction: World Bank Steals Show at One Planet Summit by Phasing Out Upstream Oil and Gas Finance1408213-12-2017
Climate change and possible mass migration on a grand scale.. so where is safe?33993613-12-2017
Artificial Photosynthesis to Save the World?2223412-12-2017
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