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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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Objectivity of Environmental Science677109-08-2019
There is no evidence there is global warming, either natural or man made - (Side: 1 2 3)26348006-08-2019
The field of carbon sequestration?781706-08-2019
What do you do when you can't engage people to discuss climate change? - (Side: 1 2 3)331011906-08-2019
Must read letter - (Side: 1 2 3 4)416915330-07-2019
Hottest day on record (going back to 1880s) in Paris - (Side: 1 2)19566730-07-2019
Avoiding human extinction8611628-07-2019
The Changing Climate of Public Opinion772325-07-2019
Is Venus Relevant to Earth?8053723-07-2019
What Ya'all Missed6791622-07-2019
Great News! Al Roker has Addressed Climate Change for us!1080221-07-2019
Private Messages - (Side: 1 2)16384517-07-2019
Tropical Storm Barry10072517-07-2019
The Changing Climate of Social Media703012-07-2019
Climate Change causes flooding in Orlando, damages cars.861411-07-2019
President Trump makes a personal sacrifice, for the country...774211-07-2019
Still No Climate Change Science6651111-07-2019
boreallfor is out of arguments9381010-07-2019
Mt. Everest, should it be used as an example?729309-07-2019
So what if CO2 goes up to 1000 ppm and gives people head ache?825009-07-2019
"Believe me772109-07-2019
Early IPCC Reports868908-07-2019
record high temp in france - (Side: 1 2)19667808-07-2019
Alaska in desperate need, of air conditioners and sunscreen...8641308-07-2019
happens a lot744107-07-2019
Removing plastic cards from the system671306-07-2019
UN Climate Talks7471604-07-2019
Climate Change causing Iguana populations to grow, at an alarming rate!695003-07-2019
Cuban Athletes630301-07-2019
Democrat Debates - the 2nd Ten858901-07-2019
Democrat Debates - the 1st Ten753301-07-2019
Organisms struggling to adapt8031201-07-2019
USS Al Gore3685601-07-2019
A solution to climate change725230-06-2019
Climate Change Question7851528-06-2019
There is no evidence CO2 increases temperature819128-06-2019
interesting article in forbes761126-06-2019
Third Term for Trump?721226-06-2019
Global Warming is Dead7531126-06-2019
health emergency859625-06-2019
Climate Data Gaps?710125-06-2019
You work hard, to get your kids in college...8551324-06-2019
The other kind of Climate Protest...625124-06-2019
heres another748123-06-2019
ice melting745223-06-2019
Climate debate myth17621822-06-2019
As a CO2 lover, I'd like to see Trump and Democrat congress win 2020 election8071021-06-2019
Burning fossil fuel reduce O2 and increase CO2 and CO2 is a cooling gas so why882420-06-2019
Temperatures leap 40 degrees above normal as the Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet see record June mel936318-06-2019
SUV Submerged after days of heavy rain in Florida!806415-06-2019
wind turbines988513-06-2019
Tornado Alley766412-06-2019
Spending - (Side: 1 2 3 4)362112112-06-2019
Siberian ice melting!863012-06-2019
Rising sea levels10682410-06-2019
Cold can of soda?8771008-06-2019
What makes IPCC scientists sure warmer air hundreds of millions of years ago due to - (Side: 1 2)21687106-06-2019
Holding in heat8111704-06-2019
I am in China. China is not corrupt like western countries.11352002-06-2019
Local Impact of Climate Change789001-06-2019
economic - (Side: 1 2 3)32609431-05-2019
Air CO2 capture is corruption829031-05-2019
This doesn't sound good...664129-05-2019
So what if Democrats spend quantillions of USD and use air capture and put all CO2863128-05-2019
Why did Obama EPA classify CO2 as toxic?967128-05-2019
Trump Administration's Attempts to Limit Climate Change Science 'Like Designing Cars Without Seat785128-05-2019
Global warming back to medieval warm period will increase Russia population 4 fold896128-05-2019
Mike Pompeo: Melting Arctic Ice Presents New Trade Opportunities779028-05-2019
Trump Administration Hardens Its Attack on Climate Science648028-05-2019
I am currently in China and no one cares about CO2 so why should907028-05-2019
The World Is Falling Apart9421327-05-2019
The Faith Basis for Radiometric Data940627-05-2019
Psychological responses to climate change789025-05-2019
The IPCC in 2013 - (Side: 1 2 3)36238225-05-2019
2020 Hackaday Challenge10202525-05-2019
How Do You Know When Climate Has Been Affected?10512924-05-2019
Blanket does not warm an object underneath it. So why would air warm surface?819524-05-2019
Alberta throne speech followed by bill to repeal provincial carbon tax1002023-05-2019
Ontario government cancels program to plant 50 million trees745023-05-2019
Satellite confirms key NASA temperature data: The planet is warming — and fast1118422-05-2019
It will be Very Hot and very Wet--We've exceeded 415ppm of Carbon Dioxide for the first Time since th11873118-05-2019
This makes no sense...8981217-05-2019
The right approach9631917-05-2019
California's Carbon-Tax?819117-05-2019
Where are Democrats going to get the money to spend 600 trillion USD848917-05-2019
What does 'Carbon-Pricing' mean?7671215-05-2019
Antarctica's Effect on Sea Level Rise in Coming Centuries12252613-05-2019
3d drawing program.10022012-05-2019
TOTAL DISASTER!!!704209-05-2019
Graphic: The relentless rise of carbon dioxide990506-05-2019
So what if Democrats spend 600 trillion USD putting a bit CO2 into underground?823005-05-2019
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