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climate change is real

climate change is real22-04-2023 10:58
its real folks
Edited on 22-04-2023 11:00
22-04-2023 18:36
RealFacts wrote:
its real folks

Tell me about it! Where I live we started the month very warm and humid with temps in the 80s. After a major tornado outbreak it's been cold! Today will be lucky to see 40F! This climate changes so fast. I hear you brother!

Computer science made this page possible, whether you do not believe in science or not.- Swan
22-04-2023 21:50
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
RealFacts wrote:
its real folks

Yeah, a real scam. Pretty much nobody alive today, will live long enough to see the results. Most people don't like socialism. The free-stuff dries up eventual,when there is no more wealth to take. Of course, people have gotten lazy, and need to be beaten into working for any scraps the elite care to toss at them.

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