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Climate Change causing Iguana populations to grow, at an alarming rate!

Climate Change causing Iguana populations to grow, at an alarming rate!03-07-2019 04:04
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★

Surprised they didn't use climate change on the python population, or monitor lizards as well...

Iguanas are relatively harmless, the whole tone of the store makes them sound worse than rats. I've lived in Florida for about 33 years, and spend a fair amount of time outdoors, and have yet to encounter a wild iguana. Tend to believe this is over hyped, as much of the climate change stuff in the media. They haven't an estimate on the population, so how do they know it's rapidly increasing? Or even a state-wide problem for that matter. My guess is that somebody spotted one eating off their mango or papaya tree, was outraged, and started a complain campaign on FakeBook, or other social media. Squirrels destroy my mom's mangos every year. Don't see iguanas doing any worse.

Apparently they taste just like chicken (yeah, I heard that about a dozen other critters, which never do). There are stores interested in selling iguana meat, though I wouldn't be tempted to try any wild caught, store bought meat. They have enough trouble with farm raised meat, have less confidence in handling of wild caught. I don't accept meat from other people's kills either. I need to see the animal/fish/bird, and feel confident it was in good health first. Then I like to see how it was cleaned and stored, transported. Risk of deadly contamination is low, but there is a lot of potential for unpleasant potty time for a few days, doesn't take long, or much careless handling.

There are already iguana removal services, for $50 each, they'll come out and trap/kill those pesky iguanas for you. The state is encouraging shooting them, no permit required. Guess that wouldn't include in the city, where it's illegal to discharge a firearm, unless it's pointed at a felon. Didn't know cellphones were deadly weapons either...

I'm really not sure what sort of damage an iguana will do. I know they can deliver a painful bite, if you mess with them. It takes a lot of messing too, from personal experience... I wouldn't consider one aggressive, or any danger to other animals. Don't image they do a lot of plant damage, least not any more than other animals. Seem like very slow diners, savior every bite.
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