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Climate-Change at the US-Mexico border?

Climate-Change at the US-Mexico border?12-05-2023 04:01
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Title 42 expiring doesn't fail to disappoint. Hordes of of 'migrants' rush the border, and we get a comedy of how the Biden administration is smoothly handling the crowds. How does he do it? The unworthy, are simply expelled, to try again, and again. The numbers a too great, to actually check the 'worthy', from need, or criminal history. Basically, open border, and just going through the motion for a few. The border patrol can't possibly catch them all. Doesn't even matter, since pretty much everyone still gets through, undocumented, and years before a hearing or court date.

With the overwhelming volume, Biden has pretty much sealed the deal, and amnesty will have to be issued, to clear the backlog. A fast-track path to full citizenship will have to be issued as well. Of course, there will be a lot of talk, debate, media coverage. Basically, advertisement, inviting millions more to over-run our border, in hopes of getting in the country before the cut-off date. Won't matter, since it worked well once, just keep doing it. These invaders need homes, food, and everything else they could carry with them. Someone has to pay for Joe's party guests...
12-05-2023 07:19
And yet Donald Trump showed how legal and illegal immigration MAGA. His grandparents were illegal immigrants and none of his children have an American mother.
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