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China, Russia Will Release The Ultimate Communist Policies To Distribute Wealth To The Public

China, Russia Will Release The Ultimate Communist Policies To Distribute Wealth To The Public14-03-2022 04:58
China, Russia Will Release The Ultimate Communist Policies To Distribute Wealth To The Public

It is my hidden duty to release some important information to the public so they do not shock, since nobody know what will happen next.
Why almost all big international companies pull out of Russia?
Why many nations are stop their export?

Well because there is something massive behind the scene that only the top authority and decision maker know.

For some "reasons" the elders of China, Russia have decide to "change" the society with some real policy to reduce the gap between rich and poor people and rich poor nations.
Here is their current plan:
- Phase 1: Develop new laws/policies to reduce the influence of the capitalism group, thus people will reduce their desire for illusion money wealth => the society will be more stable.

- Phase 2: Remove the influence of the US Dollar and Euro in the global financial market via some methods. (not yet settled).

The reason the global currency reset go last is because even if no matter what you change the fiat or gold/silver, it does not help the society since the lawless capitalism are too much.

The West are gone crazy and are using everything they have to "fight" against the Russia because their society going to collapse once the China/Russia make some official announcement policies/laws.
The new laws/policies are too much to "counter" because it never seen before in the history, if the old communist party only "national" private companies, then the new one is not but even more than that.

Here are some new laws/policies about the economic China, Russia and some other Communist Nations will do/release:
- Distribute shares of big companies/cooperation to the society with either the creator or government will own 0.01% to 1%, while 99% to 99.99% will own by the public people, where only individual person allow to own with the maximum amount of shares per 1 person is less than the authority/creator/owner.
It will start from the banking. mining industries to the companies that national government are own.

- Do not allow public companies buy/own any other companies. So only real individual person are allowed to own shares.

- Shutdown the stock market and will only open few days per month for real person to trade with each others.
What is the point of open stock market for "gamblers", do you tired of hearing stock market news everyday, does not help anything for the society but only cause more trouble.

- Do not allow companies borrow money from the bank.

- Promoting cash using instead of "future credit" in the money system.

They are just a few out of many, but with above policies alone the whole world will gone wild and that is enough to shutdown the capitalism group already. The reason is because the gap between the rich and poor are too big and this economic system cannot continue.
That's the phase 1, the phase 2 will come after phase 1 finish, that is the current plan for the elders/policies makers from China, Russia.

The West and the capitalism have little time left to save their wealth and the only way for them is can present better vision, better policies/solution to help the society. All kind of other weapons war, lying media cannot help because the "elders" are stronger in both physical real gold asset to the material arts/super power abilities.

I the savior won't interfere or present any better content/solution since I do not receive any reward or contact from any entities.

The purpose of this article is to reveal some important information to the public and give some opportunity/chance to the bandit capitalism.

If you wonder and ask is there any solution that will make the world become a better place for all, then my answer is yes, but since there is no desire/connection from this society to me, I don't waste time to talk, to think, to write !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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