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Catherine McKenna: Premiers who fight carbon tax ignore climate change at their peril

Catherine McKenna: Premiers who fight carbon tax ignore climate change at their peril08-04-2019 00:16
Tai Hai Chen
08-04-2019 22:37
Tai Hai Chen wrote:

Here is the real problem: If you do not know what you are speaking of and you quote OTHERS you are doing no more than quoting the bible. Referencing others who you personally deem to be above reproach.

In other words, the supporters of man-made global warming are nothing more than believers in a religion.

Now that we have literally dozens and dozens of different scientists explaining what this sort of thing doesn't exist.

People complain that they all are saying different things - indeed, they are experts in their own fields - some may use the specific information from NOAA and NASA such as Lord Monckton does and explains that the calculations - models if you like - are incorrectly performed and show many times the climate sensitivity than the mathematics tell us.

Others like Nobel Laureate Ivar Lindauu who uses physics to disprove it.

Dr. Roy Spenser who used to run the NASA weather satellite system shows the actual weather satellite information does NOT back up the claims of NASA or NOAA. While they are showing large amounts of heating, the actual weather satellites are showing a falling temperature.

Worst of all, Tony Heller who is an advanced EE who designed the greatest uP that Intel has made to date, wrote a search program that goes through all of the newspapers from all over the world.

Heller's programs show that NASA's claims of temperatures at the major cities do not match the temperatures reported in the local newspapers - in fact they almost always are in complete conflict with each other with NASA reporting record heating while local newspapers reporting COOLING at these sites!

Finally - all of these people agree in general with the Ice Core Research performed by the Russians in Siberia and Antarctica and American Ice Core Research in northern Alaska which shows that the climate changes in a predictable and cyclic manner and we are presently in a cooling phase.

We discover that NASA and people such as Dr. Michael Mann have fraudulently changed the historic temperatures so that the cooling records are not included and so it appears to be only warming.

So being a supporter of man-made climate change is nothing more than being a religious extremist. You don't know but you bow down to others.
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