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California, Global Climate Leader?

California, Global Climate Leader?24-10-2019 01:45
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★

Seems to me, that their massive annual wildfires, and their lack of interest in taking preventative measures, would disqualify them as a leader. Of course, forests and underbrush, would be a renewable resource, 'carbon-neutral', and therefore isn't a warming factor. California is mainly powered by hydroelectric, so they don't really need to waste money on solar farms or windmills, even though they should. Seems like they could plant their solar farms, as fire breaks. Windmills could provide power, during the frequent blackouts, PG&E plans to run, every time the wind blows, which is exactly the best time for wind power generation.

The truth is that California is a global leader in taxation. Carbon tax, Cap & Trade. Which is the center piece of this article, and their international tax agreement with Canada.
30-10-2019 19:46
I've always thought fact checking was a good idea.
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