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Burning fossil fuel reduce O2 and increase CO2 and CO2 is a cooling gas so why

Burning fossil fuel reduce O2 and increase CO2 and CO2 is a cooling gas so why20-06-2019 02:41
Tai Hai Chen
wouldn't that cause global cooling?
20-06-2019 04:05
no it would, no it wouldnt, it would, it wouldnt, it would every third sunday in april, nah it wouldnt,would< ------ > wouldnt, ****ed<------->not ****ed, which is it? stay tuned to find out.
20-06-2019 05:05
0.04% of ht 260 billion cubic miles of atmosphere is insignificant. CO2 has no global warming effect, unless it creates an incredibly large quantity of energy, couldn't get that much from the sun. If CO2 has the special property of creating so much energy (which no other molecule no to man, can do), why aren't we using CO2, instead of burning fossil fuels, or throwing away AA batteries everyday? 0.04% of the atmosphere, makes it some what rare, and it's unique energy creating property, seems like it would be the focus of free-energy and perpetual motion schemes (scams). Obviously, CO2 has no special properties, and not even enough for use to get the full potential yields from our food crops. Reducing CO2 is such a bad idea. Less CO2, means less food, less people. We can ride out a few storms, beat the heat, but man, we really need to eat.
20-06-2019 06:26
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Tai Hai Chen wrote:wouldn't that cause global cooling?

On the one hand, we have science that tells us why no atmospheric gas can change the earth's average global temperature, but ...

... you can certainly have fun referring to CO2 as the industrial refrigerant that it is, and watch warmizombies squirm in their complete inability to reconcile the truth with their religious dogma.

Global Warming: The preferred religion of the scientifically illiterate.

Printing dollars to pay debt doesn't increase the number of dollars. - keepit

When the alt-physics birds sing about "indivisible bodies," we've got pure BS. - VernerHornung

Ah the "Valid Data" myth of ITN/IBD. - tmiddles

Ceist - I couldn't agree with you more. But when money and religion are involved, and there are people who value them above all else, then the lies begin. - trafn

You are completely misunderstanding their use of the word "accumulation"! - Climate Scientist.

The Stefan-Boltzman equation doesn't come up with the correct temperature if greenhouse gases are not considered - Hank

:*sigh* Not the "raw data" crap. - Leafsdude

IB STILL hasn't explained what Planck's Law means. Just more hand waving that it applies to everything and more asserting that the greenhouse effect 'violates' it.- Ceist
20-06-2019 06:30
Tai Hai Chen wrote:
wouldn't that cause global cooling?

Join the debate Burning fossil fuel reduce O2 and increase CO2 and CO2 is a cooling gas so why:

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