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Bad Accountants

Bad Accountants13-10-2021 17:31
gfm7175Profile picture★★★★★
I received an email this morning from someone who has somehow managed to retain an accounting job.

Before getting into the relevant part of her email, let me post the relevant numbers:

(2018) --- $338,894.61
(2019) --- $340,617.88
(2020) --- $438,949.46

In the email, she claims that the 2019 value increased by 5.1% from 2018. Then she claims that the 2020 value increased by 22.4% from 2019. She then concludes that a 29.5% increase has occurred over two years.

So, it appears that she did three different calculations for each of the three times that she went about this type of math problem. At least she came up with the correct conclusion, but holy crap that was a painful way to start the morning...
06-11-2021 01:52
You can never be too careful when you're going to do business with someone that will be offering some type of financial advice.

For me, I always run a quick background check on to check the criminal record so I can have a little piece of mind.

I'm normally super skeptical of these emails too but I'm sure legitimate people have to find a way of getting clients too..

Good luck!
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