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Atoms have consciousness.

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Atoms have consciousness.29-03-2015 20:01
Atoms have consciousness.

Have you ever heard atoms have consciousness?
Perhaps you have not, I suppose.
But some of you may have heard.
As for me I came to know it three years ago.
Moreover I found the woman who can talk with atoms.
I was gobsmacked when I talked with her.
If you are interested in it, please check the following site because
I've introduced lots of evidences to prove atoms have consciousness.

Atoms know everything because they are always looking at us.
Megalithic ruins are made up of atoms.
Therefore atoms told the reason why they were made.
RE: Why nature gets angry 29-03-2015 20:04
Why nature gets angry 

Abnormal weather is getting worse and worse every year.
Nature causes abnormal weather and try to let the humanity know something.
What does the nature want humanity to know?
Natural phenomena is the movement of atoms.
The long and short of it atoms want to let humanity know something.
Humans think vaguely atoms have no consciousness.
It is a big mistake.
There are a few that can talk with atoms.
Miss Taeko Shiraki, Japanese , is one of them.
As humans are made up of atoms, humans are a part of the nature.
Humans who are a part of the nature is going to forget nature is made up of atoms and atoms have consciousness.
The long and short of it abnormal weather show atoms are getting angry.
As nature knows humans are a part of nature, she doesn't want to cause abnormal weather.
However she can't help causing abnormal weather, because humans are going to forget the most important thing that humans have to understand.
According to the development of science humans have come to think humans are the greatest in the universe and begin to forget to worship the nature.
People in the past worshiped the nature.
Why did they worship the nature?
Because they were able to talk with atoms and knew nature is made up of atoms which have consciousness.
However almost all the humans have forgot nature have consciousness.
Therefore atoms which are made up of nature get angry.
There were many who were able to hear the voice of the nature by gone days.
However people who had the ability to hear the voice of nature have been erased with the exception of a few.
Science has made humans consent with arbitrary theory that abnormal weather is caused by the increase of carbon dioxide.
Therefore atoms which configure the nature warn with further abnormal weather.
Atoms warn they will turn the earth into the star of only the sand when they judge humans have no ability to understand atoms have consciousness.
Atlantis have erased when atoms which made up of Atlantis decomposed.
The same thing as Atlantis is about to take place now.
This is the last chance in which there have remained a few who can talk with atoms on the earth.
When a few who have remained on the earth disappear, atoms which configure the nature decompose and the earth would return to the star of only the sand.
Don't you know there appear big holes on the earth suddenly all over the world?
Atoms are showing they can make the earth covered with countlesse holes if humans can't understand atoms have consciousness.

The below site shows the sinkhole in Guatemala.




Florida sinkhole,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.43828540,d.dGI&biw=640&bih=458&ei=vysYVc3jD6LUmAW5woHoCw

Sink holes on parade
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RE: Until atom-boy is born from the light---The experience of a child.29-03-2015 20:25
I know a girl who appears in the following article written by a woman.

I've talked with her several times and heard interesting experiences about Atom-boys.

This is not the SF story but the real one.


July 22, 2013
"I'm a housewife with two children. I've realized everything has thoughts, which is told in the Let's solve the enigma of the earth since about ten years ago. Although I thought such an idea is not readily accepted in the study of so-called school, I came to have a hope everyone can understand it even though it may be by degrees, when I saw the dialogue between Professor Yamada and the students who are studying quantum mechanics at Ritsumeikan University. Let me introduce the opportunity I have realized that there is consciousness in all objects. The following is the experience of my daughter and myself. According to my daughter, she is able to see the lights which are moving on the flat wall or the floor of the house or the school. They are usually spherical or shaped like sausages of the ellipse of about 2 × 5 centimeters. They are the lights that can be seen through. There usually seems to have 2 moving patterns. One of them spin around as if it drew a round circle. Another is that it is moving while rhythmically shining and shifting the place little by little to the uncertainty. For example, I was told by my daughter it is spinning in the mixed color of orange, red and pink in the lavatory of the house, dark orange beside the oven in the kitchen, black in the living room, blue in the bedroom and always white in the inner room which is not usually used. The color of the lights seems to be related with the nature of the human. Though she doesn't know the fixed law, she feels white and blue are gentle and cool, red and yellow are aggressive, black is naughty and rough. The cozy room for each color seems to be decided naturally and it usually stays in the same place and seldom goes to the different room. Black light enjoys seeing people contend and humanity are apt to contend and suffer adverse effect when it stays near them. There seems to be a bad influence extra when it flashes because flashing sign is given for attracting bad mates and it has the same meaning juvenile delinquent collect the fellow. I think war and strife in the world are also related to this phenomenon. As I came to warn black light not to flash after I was told about it by my daughter, it stayed quiet but it left home too soon as it might feel not well in the house. When my daughter told black light to quit a bad idea somehow, it told my daughter it would like to turn into the useful things which humanity like, such as apples or the parts of the car then. But it said to my daughter that it may be difficult to turn into the useful things as the color of it is black. The lights of the colors understand well if humanity praise them and seem to be praised. However humanity must be careful not to praise them too much because they are apt to go out of control when they are praised too much. I think it is hard for the black to turn into the useful things because black has the strong negative thought like violence and mischief and it is necessary for it to change the way of thinking a lot. Incidentally as white and blue are very calm and cool, they have the character which warn and teach the black as if it were like the character of elder sister. However they usually don't approach each other, because they have an irreconcilable idea. Each light has its thought and when my daughter pay attention to it, its thought seems to be conveyed to her. My daughter has happened to see the invisible beings whose size is two or three centimeters since one year ago. They have clearer personality than lights and have complex thoughts and move freely. They sometimes support humanity while staying beside humanity or protect the place in the house or the location. They are very curious and become interested in various things. They seem to operate with various shapes and roles. The being which stays beside my daughter have the ears of hare and mine looks-alike animation character, Oba-Q who has three hair on the head. My son's has two antennas. Each seems to ride on a very small vehicle which looks like ufo of single-seater. The reason why they have various shapes are that they want to be their own shapes. The humanity and the being who stays beside the humanity seem to have the similar personality. We call the being of the topic "Atom-boy". Atom-boy of mine seems not to care about the appearance. I was told she has three hair on the head like animation character, Oba-Q and she is a girl. Atom-boy seems to grow along with the growth of human. Atom-girl of mine has come to have four hair recently and she is very glad as she thinks she could have approached the humanity though Atom-girl originally has no hair. If you think so, you can consent that Atom-boy of my daughter is like hare-type because she likes character goods and stuffed animals and the Atom-boy of my son who always likes the newest information has antennas on the head. Each Atom-boy ride on the vehicle like ufo and he follows the car while coming in or going out of it when humans move in the car. There are other type Atom-boys who don't stay beside humans but they ride on snails or ladybirds and move slowly. Those Atom-boys live leisurely. I have seen the Atom-boy which was spinning like the fan with four square feather fan and looked-alike artificial satellite. I have also seen transparent jerry-like chunks which was moving slowly in the air. According to my daughter the artificial satellite-like Atom-boy is the one which protect the house. The transparent jerry-like thing seems to be in the state before the being with consciousness is going to form a certain shape by gathering like Atom-boys. I imagine there may be a number of presence with consciousness that are not visible in the air. Those beings with consciousness gather together to the more clearly consciousness and personality when the beings with the same consciousness gather together. Moreover as Atom-boys can transmit through the object, they come into the mouth and go out of the cheek when we are sleeping. They sometimes seem to explore in our body but they don't enter the digestive organ under the neck with caution because they don't know what they will become in the digestive organ. They are not necessarily stay beside all the humanity. I was told they stay beside those people whom they think to fit to them and support them with their own will. They say more children have those Atom-boys near them than adults as adults don't believe in the invisible things but children don't know the reason with a purity which Atom-boys like. When my daughter saw the announcer of TV, she said "There is Atom-boys beside him." "He is the Atom-boy who is good at public speaking." The announcer seems to get the support without knowing it. When my daughter was able to remember what she forgot carelessly, she often gave thanks for Atom-boy had helped. When we sometimes choose good way unconsciously, there seems to be cases Atom-boy helps us with inspiration. ☆According to my daughter, when hundreds of lights gather together, they turn into Atom-boy, and when hundreds of Atom-boys or thousands of Atom-boys gather together, the material which you can see or you touch is formed. Previously she told ten lights turn into Atom-boys, and ten Atom-boys turn into the material. However she told it was a misunderstanding of her. She has corrected the number from ten to hundreds recently. I think Atom-boy is similar to the thing called atom which is the presence before becoming substance. Judging from my daughter, lights may be similar to photon which is the smallest unit for forming substance before becoming Atom-boys. Though many Atom-boys want to help humanity as hard as possible, they feel lonely as they are not understood by humanity. They sometimes want to be humanity and want to have experience like humanity. As each cell of our body and each organ of humanity has the same thoughts and roles, they are the aggregation of Atom-boys. Therefore they need too much energy to form the human body. When I understood it, I realized again the gratitude to be alive as a human being. Lights told they want to be helpful to humanity. It is very important humanity should notice there are such beings which have consciousness. We should realize the cause of tragedies which are taking place in the world because lights and Atom-boys have various personalities and not all of them are good. Some of them may cause the troubles. They are exactly similar to humanity. Human have made the religions which worship invisible presence. In that case, we can imagine easily that invisible lights and Atom-boys which like to be worshiped gather together and dominate humanity amused and do evil deeds to humanity. However many people have not realized it, I think. The lights in the lavatory of my house may be lookig at the mates which have finished their roles as they had become the food eaten by humanity. Old cells which have finished their roles may return to the atoms there. As I was told in The information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA', I make it a rule to give thanks to even the excrement in the lavatory. I usually say good-by and add "Thank you for your good work. Please take a rest leisurely. Please turn into other substance or have another experience after turning into the human cell." My daughter always seems to say,"Bye-bye. Please turn into delicious things again." The song titled 'The god in the lavatory' got popular in Japan previously. We should give thanks to the atoms in the lavatory which have finished their work without thinking they are dirty and should clean the lavatory. If we give thanks to atoms in the lavatory they will be very glad. When we think so, it is just the same with the garbage which have been used a lot and are going to be discarded. I don't know why my daughter can see such beings. However I always read the site of and wonder if everything has consciousness, and think what does it mean specifically. Therefore photon and atoms may got kind enough to show their presence through my daughter. Though the way of thinking that substance has consciousness seems not to be admitted in the world of science, in the world of quantum physics, there is a view we should think substance has consciousness. The basic way of thinking of The information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' is atoms have consciousness. Therefore the beings from the sky seems to have shown clearly to the child that consciousness and lights turned up before atoms were born. However it is not good to regard such a girl that can see Atom-boys as the special child who has the unusual talent. Therefore I make it a rule to advise the parents of the children of such unusual talent who can see Atom-boys to keep the story inside their family and bring them up as ordinary children. Many children experience the invisible world and such parent-child dialogue as told in this mail may lead to the elucidation of the mystery. However I have to repeat that bad effect will be born if we regard those children who can see invisible beings as the ones with special and valuable ability. If we regard it as the special matter, energy body which want to be worshiped tries to haunt the child. We have to know there are many energy body which want to be worshiped. When someone is worshiped, those bad energy body gather together around him at once. That's why people who are worshiped can't see the happy lives in their end of their lives. You can understand it if you see the people in the entertainment world. Almost all the people in the entertainment world will die a miserable death after they are worshiped while young.  It is the same with political world, sports world and religious world.  Guru in the religious world is worshiped especially. How terrifying ! Many bad energy body cover gurus when they are worshiped. If you are worshiped now, you have to be prepared to die a miserable death. Nothing is more important than to live a mediocre life. The great people in the subconsciousness world usually live a mediocre life in this world. Therefore I usually ask the parents of those children of unusual talent to bring them up more strictly than the ordinary children. Today the domination of Pleiades against humanity has spread and girls are apt to be brought up to be selfish. Therefore I always warn against it.
RE: The dialogue with Atom-boy No 231-03-2015 16:41
The dialogue with Atom-boy No 2 

June 26, 2013

The conversation among my family at the time of dinner.

I'd like to report our conversation among my son, daugher and myself, as it was interesting.
It was the conversation of our dinner time.
The TV program, Doraemon started during supper.

Me "Stop eating while watching television."

Daughter "I will eat all even if I may eat while watching television."

She kept eating while watching television in the long run.

When we saw Doraemon pamper Nobita I said.
Me"Useless human is made in such a way."

Daughter "It's interesting, though I know it."
(She is laughing while watching television.)

Me "Doraemon feels good, make a hasty action and do evil deeds to humanity as all people think it interesting like you."

Daughter" I think that's OK as it is interesting."
The daughter who was watching TV said so but she dropped the dish containing the simmered fish and broke the dish after a while.

Me "I tell you must not watch TV while taking a meal."
Daughter "OK."

I cleaned the floor with a vacuum cleaner.
I found lots of fine debris of the dish is attached to the fish.

Me "Oh, no!  Fish can't be eaten."

Son "Atom-boys of the fish will get angry."

Me"You have to apologize properly to Atom-boy of the fish as I discard it."
"You also have to apologize to Atom-boy of the dish."

Daughter "OK."

She stayed still without moving with the dish and the fish for a while.

Daughter "Mom, Atom-boy of the fish asked me why I discard him."

Me"It's dangerous to eat fish together with the debris of the dish."

Atom-boy "Why is it dangerous to eat with the debris of the dish?"

Me "I'm sorry as humanity may get hurt when debris enters the stomach."

" Atom-boy" All right. Well, I found."
My daughter told me what Atom-boy said.
I said "The dish costed as expensive as 450 yen(about three dollars)." when the dish was broken.
Atom-boy of the dish heard what I said and replied.

Atom-boy "450 yen does not matter."
"Well, but it is OK as I want to be another thing after I am born again."

Daughter" What do you want to be after you are born again?"

Atom-boy "Plain bread."

My daughter interpreted me what Atom-boy told.

The dish seemed to know well that my family eat plain bread every morning.
Then my daughter got suddenly anxious about the open in the kitchen which we have not opened for about ten years.
She asked me what is in it.
We opened it and found the old type of filter which can't be used now.
It must have been waiting long to change into another thing.
We said, "Too sorry." to it and decided to put it waste so that it can change into another thing after it turn into the atoms. 
I had the impression that we are not alone even though we may feel lonely as there are lots of Atom-boys around us.

Daughter" What do you think the easiest thing to which Atom-boy will be born again?"

Me "I'm not sure."

Daughter "It must be air. There are a lot of air around us."

Me "I see. Even though we can't see the air, there is no difference to their presence."

Daughter" That's right."

She said it with a smile.
I was surprised to have such a talk as I was able to have this kind of conversation about objects have consciousness.
Our life became more and more pleasant as we found we can talk with Atom-boy.
However both daughter and I think again that we should be careful not to go out of control even though we have found my daughter can talk with Atom-boy.
31-03-2015 16:44
My experience( hypnotherapy)  The way to hypnotherapy

This is the story which Ms Taeko Shiraki told.
Ms Taeko Shiraki is the woman who can talk with atoms. 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

To hypnotherapist No1

I have worked in two psychiatric hospitals.
Though I have experienced psychiatry at Red Cross Hospital scores of years ago when I was a nursing student, I felt relatively leisurely.
The first hospital was a newly built small one and it existed at the foot of the mountain.
It was surrounded by nature and it looked a very good one but I felt the incomparable sense of stagnation when I entered it.
When I saw the agony of patients, soon I felt there was the limit in the teaching of the textbooks.
I had felt various things in the elderly hospital for which I had worked until then and I thought the invisible world is related a lot to the patients' symptoms.
However it is the complete taboo in today's psychiatry to think patients' symptoms are related to the invisible world.
However I wanted to know about invisible world even a little, and I read books about Past Life Therapy at the library.
It was the book written by the doctor of psychiatry.
I was much moved to read it.

(I think it is meaningless to rely on Past Life Therapy now.
If looking out for is not done properly, patients are apt to cling to their past life only and the result of it is not actually good.
And depending on hypnotherapists, some are ruled by energy body and they are apt to have the opposite effect.
I think there were many whom I think very dangerous among classmates of hypnotherapist when I look back those days now.)

And I came to know that we can influence on subconsciousness to which we don't realize by conscious mind as there is the therapy called hypnotherapy.
If I can do it, I thought I might be able to rescue the people who has the incomparable anxiety, even a little.
The patients had to take much medicine each time.
However the hospital were not able to do anything except for giving medicine even though the patients might appeal the sense of insecurity .
After a while I received the direct mail which told "The training for hypnotherapist" after I had read the book.
However I couldn't help giving up attending the lecture as the lecture fee was very expensive.
After a few days when I was absent‐minded in the morning, a voice of a beautiful lady was heard suddenly.
The voice said, "The money which you deposited in the bank is yours."
I was surprised but I thought it was the maturity return of the insurance and said, "No, it's daughter's money."
Then I heard the voice again.
It said, "No, it's yours."
After a while the announcement about the maturity return of the fixed time deposit which I had forgotten came from the bank and the sum of money was just the same as the informed one which was announced by the voice of a lady.
As I started my work at psychiatry for the first time in the first hospital, I thought it couldn't be helped even though there were several points of discontent.
However I came to have the feeling of distrust to a part of the doctors who thought the nurse was nothing but the student nurse.
Therefore I applied for "The training of hypnotherapist" in which Ph.D Rinda, the vice-president of National Guild of Hypnotists guided directly.
The lecture was given by Ph.D Rinda who visited Japan from US once a month.
Therefore the concentrated lecture was one day and a half and half of the day(four hours) was the training to the clients.
It was the contents of a month.
It took half a year to finish all the course.
The contents of one lecture which I wrote down occupied about 80 % of the large‐sized notebook.
I felt very interesting when I heard the lecture which I got after a long time.
In case of the training we practiced the mesmerism to each other but my opponent returned to the childhood and began to cry though it was the first training of mesmerism to me.
Therefore I got confused and I asked the senior for the support.
Ph.D Rinda told it is important to exert influence on subconsciousness and she didn't put an emphasis on the past life too much.
According to my experience, there seems a very big difference in the past life by the therapists to induce.
After a few months when I started the training of hypnotherapy, NHK(Japanese government broadcasting station) came and told that it wanted to interview.
I was appointed for interviewing as I was a only member related to medicine among trainees.
Therefore I asked for the permission briefly to the hospital for which I was working.
The hospital director replied on the spot that I was able to answer the interview but the next day I was given the strict notification through the chief nurse that it was OK if I changed my face and voice.
In addition I was strictly told I should not talk about hypnotherapy and should not use mesmerism in the hospital at all.
I told what had been told in the hospital and the couple who had lost their child appeared on the TV screen.
I had to conceal the story of hypnotherapy more and more though I had not told it to the colleagues in the hospital.
However patients appealed the anxiety as before and I was not able to do anything except for giving the medicine on each occasion.
I had to give additional medicine even though patients had taken as much medicine as filled the palm after each meal.
I had been told strictly that I should give the medicine immediately when the patient appealed the sense of insecurity.
There was a patient who appealed the sense of insecurity too many times.
Therefore I dared to induce her to the relaxation therapy though I tried not to be known to other staffs.
Of course the relationship of mutual trust which is called repport is prerequisite when this method is employed.
But I thought rapport had been fulfilled owing to the development of an affairs until then.
I asked her lie in bed and take a deep breath slowly and induced her to imagine the desired scene about which she had heard until then.
The sense of insecurity vanished without taking medicine in a short time.
Then I taught her how to relax before she felt the sense of insecurity and how to keep the mental stability.
She came to keep calm gradually and was discharged from the hospital.
However it might be hard for her to live alone in the general public and she fell into the same state as before.
And two young women complained of insomnia at the same time in the large room when I was working at night.
Though I took medicine with me, one of them told she was not able to sleep well as she smelled the offensive smells of shit.
Therefore I let her relax and induced her to have the image of being in the rose garden.
Then she fell asleep in an instant.
Another woman insisted she wants to come home.
Therefore I also induced her to relax and let her keep the image in which she was back in her house.
Then she fell asleep soon.
The time of mesmerism was five minutes for both of them.
Though it so happened that she fell asleep immediately, there were cases in which no medicine was needed for the improvement of the symptoms.
However they were also the cases which I couldn't report in the hospital.
In the meantime I came to hear the rumors which told I was engaged in Regression Therapy.
However Regression Therapy can't be mesmerized so easily.
Much less to do it was impossible as there were many patients in the hospital room.
Thereafter the hospital director published the book which was the book about "The words collection of spirits by Silver Birch".
Therefore I showed to the patients the book about the collection of channeling whose contents, in short, told to take care of oneselves.
However I was put in a corner owing to my behavior and was to resign from the hospital .
Incidentally, the patient whom I was related got very healthy and she told she would hospitalize her daughter in that hospital and really made her hospitalized there.
However the way to put her in the hospital was the surprising one.
If such a way were opened to public, it would surprise everybody a lot even today.
Therefore I came to have a distrust more to the hospital.
However there were many patients who came to keep calm when I let them relax as they had strong feeling of distrust.
But only to give medicine immediately was attached importance on in that hospital.
And the relaxation was not acknowledged at all.
The hospital made the patients take medicine full of the palm compulsorily.
It made them take additional ones immediately when the patient complained of the more sense of insecurity.
One of the doctor contracted the obsessive compulsive disorder obviously and the situation in the hospital seemed to get harsher after I resigned the hospital.
* As the supervision was stricter, the staffs felt uptight and it was true there were unnecessarily erroneous administration of drugs.
It is also known by the train accident of Fukuchiyama line and the successive happening of every kind of accident shows the strict constriction brings about strain.
The more nervous people become, the more accidents are apt to take place.
It is nothing but the opposite effect .

*)hypnotherapy No 2
When I write hypnotherapy = hypnotic cure, some may imagine the stage-mesmerism which we often see on TV.
However it gives a false idea of hypnotherapy.
Because one's own will is very clear and the hypnotized persons understand the situation around them well.
In addition they can control themselves.
I moved to the other hospital as I felt the oppressive mood in the first one.
It was the hospital which was in the plain and it was impossible to say it was clean even by the flattery but I found both the staffs and patients feeling relaxed.
It was known as the founder of the hospital was yearned by the patients.
Members in the hospital enjoyed fully the sports in the vast site and various rehabilitation were adopted.
In addition there was a library which had books of all the fields, though it was a small one.
I was surprised to find the gap with the first hospital.
And I thought it was the very second hospital which contributed to the patients.
The first patient that I got responsible for was the man who always had a smile on his face.
He was the mild man who was liked by everyone.
However he suffered the water intoxication syndrome and he drank as much as nearly three liters of water every day.
Therefore I heard various stories about him in a casual way.
He caused the accident in the Self-Defense Forces twenty years earlier and various things came to take place due to that accident.
In addition he came to see invisible things.
Therefore it seemed he thought his mind got messed up.
When I look back on the times, as he was timid he had kept condemning himself because he had been only scolded furiously.
Therefore he was ruled by energy body and he came to have, I thought, the auditory hallucinations.
It seemed that he had been living all on medical pills though he had visual hallucinations and auditory hallucinations only.
I told him to hypnotize himself when he drank water around the time when I was able to have mutual understanding with him.
I asked him to say to himself when he drank water, "A glass of water is enough for three hours."
It seemed he heard what I told him obediently, and I was surprised when I saw him the next day.
He had applied for the change to the hospital ward for the recovery rehabilitation of his own accord and had changed to that hospital ward.
The water intake recorded on the medical records had got less enough.
I was told he would get married after he was discharged from the hospital after a while.
As might have been expected he was again hospitalized around when a child was born as he got uneasy.
I encouraged him by saying, " Please do your best now as your child will surely support you in the future."
Thereafter I saw him attending the hospital while nursing a cute girl.

*)hypnotherapy No 3
The doctor in the relaxed hospital was kind enough to respect the experience of the nurse.
As I was prohibited to look to hypnotherapy in the previous hospital strictly, I made a secret of hypnotherapy here, too.
There was a man who had the habit of trying to stretch his hands in order to tighten the neck of other person.
He was a patient whom I was responsible for.
Though he was a person who was very serious at ordinary times, he wanted to do so suddenly.
The doctor was worried much as he was not able to find the cause of it absolutely.
Therefore I dared to tell him about hypnotherapy.
He replied I was able to do anything that I thought good.
Therefore I was relieved and waited for the chance to try it.
After a while I found the person in question stretch his hands quietly toward other patient.
Therefore I called out to him and induced him to the room.
And I asked him to sit on the bed, put my hands on his shoulder and turned his body quietly.
I told the words of inducing to him.
He didn't resist to my movement for turning his body and made his body turn with his own will.
Then I gave an implied expression telling he would not tighten the neck of other persons from then.
Though he took a rest while lying in bed there, he became chearful and applied for the permission of spending night somewhere else the next day.
He became abnormal again when he came back to his apartment.
When I look back on the times, I think he was ruled by an energy body.
I remember well the housewife who belonged to the religion in which the believers hold the palm close up to the forehead of other person.
She began to hear the voice suddenly and came to be hospitalized.
When she tried to have a meal, the voice which claimed to be a god said to her, "There is mud in the meal."
"Don't eat as there is poison in the meal."
Therefore she began to get skinny in a short period.
She came not to eat anything except for sweet bun.
When I look back on the times, I thought the energy body of the religion which is famous for holding the palm close up to the forehead of other person, was ruling the humans laughably.
31-03-2015 17:01
How is this information conveyed by the beings from the sky?

April 28, 2001

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

I thought this information which has been conveyed to me since 1998 wouldn't be conveyed any more.
However it keeps being conveyed one after another.

My name is Ms Taeko Shiraki, a Japanese.
I have been kept being informed about what I don't know from the invisible beings which claim to be the spiritual bodies of the stars through the channeling.
As I get the information through the channeling, I'm so-called a channeler.
However I'm not such a channeler as people usually call to mind when they hear the word, "channeler" because I don't hear the voice.
I have to understand by the faint movement of my mouth in order to know what is told through the channeling.
It started since I did the following experience.
My experience(hypnotherapy)  The way to hypnotherapy

A part of my experience (Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial Household)
Please note that the beings from the stars are the spiritual bodies and we can't see them.
They are not the beings who visit the earth by ufos.
My mouth begins to move faintly without permission and begins to talk words when those beings from the stars want to convey some information to me. 
Sometimes I am forced to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and am told something or my mouth begins to move and tell something while I am watching TV.
The unexpected information which is told to me is about various events, the mysteries of the universe, ancient history, crop circles, and so on.
The beings from the sky tell me the answers which have been the mystery to humans.
Those answers might overturn the common sense of the people if we understand them.
The books which were further supplemented to what had been informed since the autumn of '98 is the "collection of 3 messages from the stars".
Why do the beings from the stars tell those information to me?
They tell me the earth won't become peace forever if we keep the way of today's thinking about religions or ethnics.
They want us to rethink the way of thinking so far by solving the mystery of the ancient ruins on the earth and want us to have the feeling that tries to get even a little more peace.
I write most of the text which have been transmitted by the beings from the stars without modification.
However those information is usually given to me when I am woken up in the middle of the night.
Therefore I find it hard to discriminate the words which have been given to me as I have to know what is told by distinguishing the faint movement of my mouth.
Sometimes those words are given suddenly in the situation where I can't take notes.
In addition as stars don't know our information, especially place names and human names they can't help transmitting the information by taking advantage of my memory.
When stars are looking for the appropriate words in case they don't know the words, I have to try to fit various words which I think of.
When my words which I fit are right, they keep proceeding their talking, but when they are not correct, they say "No" once and for all and don't proceed any more.
The subconsciousness (spiritual body) who descends to me is sometimes replaced with other ones.
Therefore what was told previously sometimes are changed in some cases.
Though I make an effort to transmit the information which is given to me as exactly as possible, please remember what was explained above.
I regard myself as DJ of the radio who has 'the antenna of the universe!
Therefore I'd like to leave what is told here to your judgement.
There are many information which I can't understand even myself.
It may be important to pay attention to those information which you can't understand but it will become the stress if you keep thinking only about unknown matter.
I make it a rule to accept those unknown information as a part of the big information.
Even though those information are given from the invisible spiritual body in the 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA', it may be easy to understand as they keep the form of stories.

※ This text sometimes deals with the problems of religions.
However please note as I have nothing to do with any religions or the organizations which are related to them.

Ms Taeko Shiraki writes her comment to the visitors of her site in the following web page.
Thank you for your visiting my site.
Clouds shot miraculously.02-04-2015 08:20
Clouds shot miraculously.

Humans usually don't realize clouds have conscious mind but do they realize if they see these photos?
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Signal or sign to Ms Taeko Shiraki from the atoms02-04-2015 08:31
Signal or sign to Ms Taeko Shiraki from the atoms

It is the itching or pain at one point of the body such as feet, hands or ears, etc.
It is sometimes purring feeling of eyes or discomfort of tooth etc.
It is the signal from the beings from the sky or spirits.
Miss Taeko Shiraki gets the signal in her body before channeling starts.
She knows some beings such as the beings from the sky, Stone gods or spirits of the person in the world of subconsciousness are about to tell her something through the channeling when she feels the signal in her body.

As for the webmaster of this site, Takashi, felt the pain on the belly as if I had been poked by a needle several times when I became a member of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA.
Many of the members of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA feel the signal or sign in some parts of their bodies.
When they feel the signal or sign in their bodies, they usually say, "Oh, I got the signal from Atom-boy just now."
However some of the Atom-boys don't know how humans feel the pain when they give the signal to us.
In that case we sometimes feel the pain as much as we can not stand.
If we were given such intolerable pain for the signal, we have to let Atom-boy know the pain is intolerable and should ask to reduce the intensity of the signal.
As one of the members got the intolerable pain many times in various parts of his body, he asked Atom-boy to give smaller sign only on the finger.
After that he came not to get the too strong signal.

Please refer to the below site about more info.
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Why are the direction of the wind and ocean current opposite between Northern and Southern Hemisphere?02-04-2015 08:41
Why are the direction of the wind and ocean current opposite between Northern and Southern Hemisphere?

Please refer to the below site about more info.
Main site

Mirror site
Why are the direction of the wind and ocean current opposite between Northern and Southern Hemisphere?

Please refer to the below site about more info.
Main site

Mirror site
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The ruins which Ms Taeko Shiraki visited are shown on Google map02-04-2015 08:51
The ruins which Ms Taeko Shiraki visited are shown on Google map

This is the map of ruins which Ms Taeko Shiraki visited in order to prove atoms have consciousness.(A few images of ruins are borrowed from other sources.)

Japanese ruins

The ruins of overseas countries

The URL of English explanation can be found
when you move the scroll bar at the bottom
of the screen to right.
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A part of my experience (Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial Household)03-04-2015 12:58
A part of my experience (Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial Household) 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

I found Prime minister Abe attended Sengyono-gi(Shinto, a ceremony in which something that is worshiped as a representation of a divine spirit is moved from one place to another) and I read this article again and confirmed it is not wrong.
Therefore let me add a postscript.
Grand Shrine of Ise hit many in case of Search of Let's solve the enigma of the earth.
The following is the search page.

Let me confirm first that it is true that I sent a mail to Grand Shrine of Ise.
And I was surprised when I visited there several years later.
This information told the head of Muura, a Jew has been buried under the stone stairs of Grand Shrine of Ise and the place of the stair is called "The stone not to step on".
The coexists which symbolize Judea had been dug down a lot on the old stone monuments in Grand Shrine of Ise but those old stone monuments were all removed and coexists had been extinguished completely.
(I saw a description which told coexists on the approach had been used without permission, though.)
Mrs Ishida told me clearly that there is no Yata no Kagami (the eight-span mirror; one of the Imperial regalia) actually.
And she told me she would like to make a new one before the fact was generally known to people.
Therefore she asked me to buy the jewel because she needed money.
I and the mother of Hideki Shimizu bought the ring(moonstone)by offering five hundred thousand yen each.
(She had been a nurse who was a friend of mine but she was separated from me and died of cancer when my channeling started .)
Both of us brought together five hundred thousand yen, bought a moonstone and we handed one million yen to Ms Ishida directly.

The development of the affair which took place around me is written below.
Therefore the Yata no Kagami (the eight-span mirror; one of the Imperial regalia) which is believed to be 1300 years old may be a fake.
I think it is either Ms Ishida got money by telling a lie or she knew the mirror is not the old one.
Though I must repeat often, the god of Grand Shrine of Ise is the god who likes conflicts and it is the spiritual body which caused wars.
But the prime minister Abe himself worships god of Grand Shrine of Ise and make the people think it is the special shrine.
I feel the fear when we observe Japan now because it may follow the path of prewar days and the warning from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' has not been accepted at all.
The following is only a part of my experience which belongs to the one before starting my channeling and the name must be fictious ones but let me write the real names as it is important to know why the earth has become such a harsh situation full of wars and abnormal weather.
Ms. Ishida runs a jewelry store, too and we were to work in that store.
Therefore Mr. Yoshida and I went to that store.
As soon as Mr. Yoshida met her, he said to Ms Ishida, " As Sirius is going to occupy the earth, shall we erase all of it?".
Then Ms Ishida said, "We have no choice."  
She declared solemnly "Sirius shall be erased."
Thereafter Mr. Yoshida suggested such subjects one after another as "All the nuclear weapons should be disabled." "The mine should be unexploded." "AIDS should be cured." , and so on.
I think he suggested about 7 items.
(The next day the US soldier told on TV , "Some accident has taken place,"
I remember vaguely the cease-fire of Ireland and acceptance of weapons inspection of North Korea were decided suddenly.
I thought some troubles must have happened on the weapons.)
In addition, the above is the record which I wrote down before the memories faded.
I used the word Pleiades for the word Pleiadenai because I called the constellation Pleiades in those days.
(As the word, Pleiades contain the magic words of curse, the word inform Pleiades is terrifying to subconsciousness each time when it is pronounced.
Therefore we made it a rule to pronounce Pleiadenai for Pleiades thereafter.
However if I used Pleiadenai, the reader would not understand.
Therefore I dare to use the word Pleiades now.)
**I had heard from other people that Ms Ishida Katue was once the paramount priestess in Grand Shrine of Ise and she decided every kind of things about shrines.
She was the woman of mid-seventies with pure white hair.
Ms. Ishida of mid-thirties made the cover of famous Life magazine in which she was bestowed something from the guru of India.
The Life magazine was displayed in her shop.
Maybe it was because Ms. Ishida went to India to meditate and she was able to do channeling.
The channeling seems to have decided everything in Grand Shrine of Ise as the word of Sun Goddess.
I heard the hair of Ms Ishida got pure white in only one night.
(She never opened to public the reason of it, though.)
I think the reason for her pure white hair was she was given such the terror by being shown the hell as Jesus and Buddha.
I had met several persons who had seen mysterious dreams or had had mysterious experience before the starting of my channeling in July 1998.
A healer told she was able to see the big light ring at the back of me and another person told I came to become invisible when we meditated together.
The person named Mr. Yoshida Takashi approached me among about twenty or more participants in the Nagoya holistic medical community on Feb. in 1998.
He might be informed about me through his channeling.
He showed that the watch was made shiny by only the psychokinesis and he came to contact with me in various ways thereafter.
Mr. Yoshida was the believer of Suukyo Mahikari and he was ruled in Nov. 1997 by Pleiades, was given the power and became the person with supernatural power.
According to what people said he had cured his wife who had been the vegetative state patient.
He was said to take a contact with Pleiades thereafter.
I thought Pleiades was stunning at that time.
Therefore I thought the power of Mr. Yoshida was great and I believed what was told from him.
I was told to come over to his house and to assemble sick persons as he would cure them.
Then he cured the pain of rheumatism immediately and he saw through the body.
There were a group of people of Mr. Yamakawa Kouya's sisters among them.
Two sisters were able to contact with Shaka and they had been engaged in channeling for a long years.
Thereafter I often went to the house of Mr. Yoshida with Mr. Shimizu Hideki who was one of my acquaintances.
Mr. Shimizu is the lawyer who lives in Australia now.  
Then we heard the information from Pleiades.
Mr. Yoshida had printed lots of information from Pleiades.
(I called up Mr. Fukano Kazuyuki, ex-Prof. of technical college who met Mr. Yoshida at his house and was given the print. )
Mr. Arakawa who was a member of Toyota Junior Chamber,Incorporated and my acquaintance at that time invited me to go to Ise to see Ms Ishida together.
It seemed that he was the representative of Junior Chamber,Incorporated and he made a group for studying the inner world.
I had joined the group.
The group assembled GAIA SYMPHONY, Mr. Adachi Ikuo, Mr. Takagi Yoshiyuki of the village of the earth and they heard the lecture talk.
Mr. Arakawa was the local landowner and he owned the apartment house but I was told he had the bone of Buddha even though he was nothing but a private citizen.
And he was presented a giant gemstone by Ms Ishida(He seems to have retorted it later.)and a gemstone of hundreds of millions yen was put in the garden.
The person who made the hut in which amethyst was put died of cancer, I was told.
I was told to gather people to the house where he lived previously and I called out to the sisters of Mr. Yamakawa Koji.
Then they participated in as they told me they had been told to participate by channeling.
However Mr. Arakawa came to the house and cursed Mr. Yoshida.
(Maybe it's because Mr. Arakawa often went to India to see Sai Baba, but he didn't know why he got angry at Mr. Yoshida.)
Thereafter Mr. Yoshida who heard the story to go to Ise told that he wanted to see Ms. Ishida.
Therefore he went together with me and I let Ms. Ishida and Mr. Yoshida see each other.
Ms. Ishida was the woman who ran a jewelry store in Ise city and she was the hidden person with the highest supernatural power in Japan.
I was informed by someone she was able to move even the typhoon, the adviser to the Imperial Household and she was the person who decided every events of Grand Shrine of Ise through channeling.
The two were talking the common topic even though they met for the first time.
Ms Ishida was engaged in contacting with the moon beings through channeling.
The moon beings were the subordinates of Pleiades and they were the aliens(= spiritual bodies?)who occupied the moon.
Mr. Yoshida told Ms. Ishida was the very Sun Goddess.
He might know it with vision.
Ms. Ishida called out to Mr. Yoshida as Mr. Yoshida with an honorific expression with whom she had a consultation about many things.
Ms. Ishida got the direction from the moon beings(?)through the channeling and was told gods were not able to descend to the Magatama-pond as it had got rough.
Therefore she was making a water‐purification tank with the expense of 400 million yen.
Ms. Ishida regarded the moon beings as gods but they were the very Dragons and it seemed their subordinates were the very famous Greys.
There were the bases of aliens at the opposite side of the moon.
Though astronauts told there were Santa Claus, I think there were lots of Greys there.
When I met Ms. Ishida, she said, "There comes the energy body (Dragon) and it coiled itself around my legs." and she was shaking off it with her hands.
(It's the Kundalini syndrome and a psychiatric doctor was appealing the same symptom.)

I had a phone call suddenly from Ms. Ishida at midnight of the day when I went to Ise and she said to me, "You have to go with Mr. Yoshida as there is a white stone."
Therefore I called up Mr. Yoshida, but I was declined.
Therefore I resulted in buying it though it was considerably expensive.(1.3 million yen)
(It seemed that she was selling the jewels like crystals, and so on to many people like this way. I heard the complaints about her from other persons like shinto priests, and so on.)
The white stone is called "the antenna in the universe" later and I was told the light which was emitted from it reaches the end of the universe.
The next day I went to Ise to buy a white stone but the companion of mine got angry and didn't meet her as the price was one hundred thousand yen higher than I had been told from Ms. Ishida previously.
Therefore the situation got into hot water.
However my daughter was carried to the hospital by an ambulance due to the abdominal pain with unknown cause at the very same hour.
Though the cause was unknown, she was healed soon and came back from the hospital.
I was told by Ms. Ishida later that my daughter had been going to be nearly murdered by the moon beings who had descended to the earth.
(The moon beings had such the strong power against humans.
The chief priest of Ishikiri shrine died as he saw through the ruled man  who drew the pictures of god which he saw by vision and put them in shrines here and there.)
I was also asked to work at Ishida's as Mr. Yoshida seems to have been directed to do it by channeling around March in 1998.
(As I knew nothing about the situation those days, I went along with them. However I felt no anxiety at all as I believed Pleiades. )
Mr. Yoshida said, " I am painful in the hip as I was injected energy by Pleiades."
We asked Mr. Shimizu to go together with us, we started around six in the morning and arrived at Ms. Ishida's .
A young woman in the housing complex where I used to live at that time died suddenly around the same time when the disappearance of Sirius was declared.
According to Mr. Yoshida she was the woman who was related with Sirius and I was much surprised to hear it.
Then Mr. Yoshida declared about raising the energy of Magatama-pond and taking down the gods.
After a while, both Mr. Yoshida and Ms Ishida told that they were able to see many gods descending to Magatama-pond by vision.
(god = Dragon)
Thereafter Mr. Yoshida put an emerald on his palm and kept it in mind.
Then he made it bigger and bigger in a second.
Though he put it into the ring, it was so big that it nearly popped out of the ring and I found it became bigger surely because it looked awkward as a ring.
In addition he made the bar of crystal thick or thin as if it had been the clay.
When I saw what he had done, I thought the OOPARTS skull of crystal was made in this way.
That means the crystal became soft like the clay when Pleiades gave energy.
Thereafter I was shown the hanging scroll which Ms. Ishida told that she had been asked to keep it by Emperor's family.
It was the hanging scroll in which the portraits of dozens of emperors including Emperor Jinmu were drawn.
I was told each emperor had not rested in peace in the world of subconsciousness.
Therefore Ms Ishida had been told by Emperor's family that she would let them rest in peace.
I was told even Priest Kukai(the most famous priest in Japan) was not able to let each emperor rest in peace, because emperors were grudged by the people and they are hanging down in the world of subconsciousness.
(Note):I felt the intense signal(= pain) in the leg when I was writing this.
My mouth moved and told me as follows.

"We wanted you to write and inform this by any means.
Therefore you were given many kind of signals.
You know you have bitten your tongue, have had sore throat or have been prevented to sleep at night in these days."

Therefore Ms. Ishida asked Mr. Yoshida to let the members of the Imperial Household rest in peace as Mr. Yoshida had been given the strong power from Pleiades.
When Mr. Yoshida kept the members of the Imperial Household in mind, the blurred portraits on the hanging scroll got clear like a photo as if they stood out.
Each of them who were around there thought the power of Pleiades was still great.
Thereafter I asked about aliens Lada whom Ms Amano Seiko(= channeler) was connected with as she was one of the classmates of hypnotherapist.
Mr. Yoshida said, "I will erase it as it is also the evil alien."
We stayed until late at night at Ms Ishida's according to the channeling.
We came back around twelve at night at last.
I had a phone call from Ms Amano Seiko the next day and she told she had come not to be able to be connected with Higher-self(= god) and asked whether my acquaintance might have erased it or not.
In addition she told she had come not to be able to be engaged in the channeling suddenly.
Therefore I thought Pleiades had really erased aliens Lada.
I had often been told from Ms Amano Seiko aliens Lada was bigger than a mountain and it was like a god in the giant white clothes.
It seemed to have shown the vision like Christ.
The subconsciousness of Pleiades who descended to me to rule me in 1998 was the very terrifying witch.
It seemed that she knew I will inform The True SKY(SORA) Info to people some day.
She poured me as many words of terror as possible as she wanted to make me a mental patient.
Fortunately I was not able to see the terrifying vision as I was poured only the words.
Therefore I think my hair didn't turn into pure white like Ms Amano Seiko.
In addition I had worked in the psychiatry and had known about channeling.
Consequently I was able to return to the normality at last, though it was very hard.
But I found my left frontal lobe was given the stimulus constantly thereafter, and the spiritual depression became stronger.
I found later the young queen of Pleiades made my depression stronger and she had planned to tempt me to kill myself though her language was gentle.
We can often find the name of Ms Amano Seiko of channeler by the Search in "Let's solve the enigma of the earth." and her name has the big meaning.

The subconsciousness of late Ms Adachi Sachiko who was the younger sister of Mr. Adachi Ikurou descended to me in the fall of 1998.
After her death she was said to have gone to Taygata in Pleiades.
She said to me through the channeling, "Pleiades intends to conquer the earth."  
The beings from the stars who was called "The gods of universe" in those days and I succeeded in erasing Pleiades.
I recited many times "Pleiades has been erased."
Thanks to it, I have never heard the voice from Pleiades since then.
I was informed Pleiades had been erased completely by the beings from the stars.
Immediately right after that time the feeling to be touched on the frontal lobe has disappeared completely and I was healed from the depression drastically.
My experience shows how easily the beings in the universe can operate human brains.
Although I say the subconsciousness of Pleiades has been erased, there are too many people who believe Pleiades including the ones in every religion, the inner world, and so on and those thoughts which worship Pleiades has become the big energy body and it becomes the big obstacle to get the peace of the world.
(What has turned out later is that there are beings in the universe who try to rule humans like the Ruler's Stars. Those are the stars with names and the stars of the outer galaxy(the universe outside the galaxy), the stars of reptiles, and so on. As humans worship them, it becomes easy for those beings to rule humans. The earth is not filled with peace yet. That's because there are few which support the earth except for Sagittarius, Sirius and a part of the unnamed stars.)
Thereafter Ms. Ishida called up me as if she got mad as she came not to be able to be connected with Sun Goddess and due to the debt of 400 million yen for cleaning the Magatama-pond.
However I was not able to support her at all as I was engaged in my own affairs with all my strength.
After a while when she settled down I advised her to write a book.
I said to her, "As we were the victims who had been ruled by bad star, why not write a book and inform people how we had been fooled."
However it seemed that she was rushing around trying to get money as she seemed not to want to be known to people about her affairs for her family.
Thereafter I was told that Ms. Ishida wants to offer the mirror to Grand Shrine of Ise and each of the mother of Mr. Shimizu and me offered five hundred thousand yen and bought rings.
However Ms. Ishida went to Heitate Shinto shrine in Kyusyu as she became not to be able to do channeling.
The beings which she got connected with her there, was the odd energy body and I was surprised to hear she would offer the sword decorated with diamonds instead of the mirror to Grand Shrine of Ise as she was instructed to do so by the channeling.
I was told the world would have become the state of war if such a thing had been done.
Therefore I sent a letter in which I wrote the detailed situation to Grand Shrine of Ise.
After a few days later, there was news that prince and princess Akishino went to Grand Shrine of Ise.
According to the phone call from Ms Ishida, she offered the crystal instead of the sword.
The channeling information of mine told me the Emperor and Empress of Showa got the word which told Japan should become bigger.
And they heard the priestess of Grand Shrine of Ise told Japan was surely to win as Japan is the country of god.
Therefore they had a consultation with army general Tojyou Hideki who ran what was told by the emperor faithfully.
My mouth of channeling moved and told the above things.
I was much surprised as what was told through the channeling was beyond my imagination.
And I was told all the Japanese era name was decided by the channeling of the priestess of Grand Shrine of Ise and the name and the contents of the era correspond well too much.

* Meiji = It is the era when the tall good looking person becomes the emperor and make people pray to him.

* Taisyo = It is the contrasting era to Meiji era
* Shyouwa =small ring = Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity
(Note):Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity =It is the slogan which Japan recited during Second World War.
Japan claimed to set up the new order of co-existence and co-prosperity in Asian region instead of the colonial rule by the West and tried to justify Japanese aggressive policy.
(from the dictionary "Shinjirin" of Sanseidou)
* Heisei = In order to remain calm even if the members of Imperial Household may hear The True SKY)(SORA) Info.

Though I often repeat, the most important thing in the universe is "the equality".
And the thing which breaks the equality most is the Japanese imperial system.
Japanese Imperial Household swaggers by claiming it is the oldest Imperial Household in the world.
The voices asking for help by the oppressed people with the unceasing battles on the earth reaches the end of the universe and the same situation continues without any improvement no matter how much time passes.
On the contrary, the situation of the earth becomes more and more terrible.
It can be known when we see the world news.
The project for the great revolution to the way to the equality was made in the 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' which caused the 3/11 in 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake.
'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' has kept warning repeatedly and there happens disasters in the cities to which the word "宮" is attached.
For example 宮崎(Miyazaki), 宮城(Miyagi), 新宮市(singu-shi) have the word, "宮".
宮 is included in 宮城(Kyujyo) which means the Imperial Palace where the members of Imperial Household live.
The true history of the earth was handed down by word of mouth of people but the Imperial Household covered it with the lid (宀).
The word, "宮" has two 口 under the lid (宀).
口 means the mouth.

Kanji (Miya or Gu)means Palace.

A part of Miya that means Lid.

A part of Miya that means Mouth.


The Imperial Household made up the fake history in order to keep the Imperial Household.
As long as imperial system which can't keep the equality continues, the project for the flattening of the earth will be made in the universe and it will be run calmly.
It has been repeatedly told through the channeling from the beings from the stars.
The directive from the universe reaches to the atoms of the earth and each group of atoms starts action.
Then abnormal affairs and abnormal weather which has not been caused until now are going to take place.
Various related matters are introduced in the following collection of links.

Atoms on the earth starts actions suddenly.
We can see an example of them in the Great East Japan Earthquake of 3/11.
I have been conveyed about the transformation of the earth by the vision in which there is only water and sands.
However I thought people will have the unnecessary anxiety if I convey it directly and I interpreted it as only the affairs in the invisible world.
However abnormal clouds started to appear in the sky around the year before the Great East Japan Earthquake when I look back on the times.
In addition desperate words started to come out of my mouth at the beginning of March 2011.
I had no reaction from the government though I contacted with it and told something terrifying would take place soon on the previous night of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The other day my mouth moved and began to tell about the economic system like capitalism , and so on.
We can't tell the hopeful future of Japanese economy in reality as it began to be weaker than before.
In that critical phase in economy of Japan, an enormous sum of national money is used for keeping the imperial system which is the premodern evil customs.
Therefore I completely oppose to use national money for the imperial system.
A human rights activist in Afghanistan, Malalai Joie criticized severely that to keep silence when we knew something is the same as to support the opponents.
I sympathize with her opinion completely on this point.

Though the above is only a part of my experience, I was urged to open the relationship between Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial Household, to public as the beings from the stars want humans to know it absolutely.
Therefore I dare to open it to public.

Thereafter the Imperial Household(= the Imperial Household Agency) knew this information and started to interfere with this one by any means and I have been informed it through the channeling many times.
The Imperial Household and Grand Shrine of Ise were involved much in the war.
It is also reported by alternative report.
The book of Mr. Takahasi Goro and Mr. Onizuka Hideaki point out it, too.
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My experience,  The sufferer with only auditory hallucinations03-04-2015 13:32
My experience,  The sufferer with only auditory hallucinations  

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

At last I was freed from having to care for my children and I restarted as a nurse.
However I shed tears unintentionally before I got used to the nurse job.
When I saw an old sufferer of fracture of femur first, I started crying as I thought of my mother.
The next sufferer in the psychiatry was the boy of the same age as my son.
As the occupational therapy he was given the working on the farm and he was given the half of Popsicle after he worked hard.
There's nothing I was able to do except for shedding tears when I saw him.
I thought why such an obedient boy as he had been hospitalized.
I was told the voice of a girl talked to him, as he sometimes smiled.
I was also told his father suffered from the disease of psychiatry.
But the boy suffered from only auditory hallucinations.
He told me the voice of the girl talked to him only the pleasant matters.
As most of the middle school students are at a cheeky age, I didn't know how cheeky he was at home but he was very mild at the hospital.
Though I was not in charge of him, he replied that he wanted to go to the high school when I asked his hope.
After obtaining permission of the teacher, I made it a rule to study with him at the time of my night duty.
After a while I was told he entered a high school.
However I found he entered the hospital again.
And he visited me joyfully around the time when I forgot him.
I asked what happened to him.
I was told he withdrew the high school as he broke his leg owing to the traffic accident after he entered a high school.
I was also told he started to work but he broke the goods about two hundred thousand yen.
As he was condemned furiously about it, he stopped working, he explained.
He seemed to condemn himself as he worried about it too much.
I was not able to talk long with him any more, as the hospital ward of him was different from mine.
As the hospital was so strict that the status of the nurses was not admitted and nothing was able to be done without the permission of the doctor.
I felt a sense of stagnation in the mood of the hospital.
Soon his smile vanished and shines of his eyes came to be lost.
I was not able to do anything except for observing him at the side of him.
When I look back on the times his father was also ruled by the same energy body though I don't know what religion he believed.
And I imagine it may be very hard for him to work while taking the medicine to stop the auditory hallucinations.
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Ms Taeko Shiraki, channeler told as follows when she saw the posting of WishinForTheMission.05-04-2015 01:55
Ms Taeko Shiraki, channeler told as follows when she saw the posting of WishinForTheMission

WishinForTheMission wrote as follows.
PS: Vongfong is on its way to you. BIG MONSTER STORM: take cover!!!

First I appreciate your writing about typhoon.
We didn't worry about typhoon at all because they are the
chunks of atoms and have consciousness.

To all of the world we are transmitting the information
which tell the true meaning of the teaching of Islam through NPO "The NPO Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth for the Peace of the Earth".

Greeting of NPO
The interpretation of "an eye for an eye" of Islam is regarded as the teaching of revenge is wrong.
Islam preached as "an eye for an eye" which meant "if somebody gave you something beautiful to see, you should gift them back something beautiful to see, and as "a tooth for a tooth" meant "if somebody gave you something to eat, you should gift them back something to eat."
This meant that we should not monopolize the grace of God, though it is regarded as the teaching of revenge now as I told previously.


The general meeting of NPO was opened on Oct.12 but the typhoon came to the place of the general meeting, Kansai district of Japan very slowly in order to wait for the opening of the meeting.

The power of the typhoon became weak rapidly as we had expected.
The fresh wind was blowing at the time of the general meeting.

Those who came by plane and attended the meeting were
able to return to their houses when the meeting finished with no problem.

The typhoon was like the school excursion for the atoms which have consciousness and want to observe the real world.
It hardly caused big damage to people.
However people complained it as the traffic was stopped too early.

As all the natural disasters are caused by the atoms which have consciousness, we don't have to fear them.
Even infants say Stone gods are shaking when the earthquake occurs.

Unfortunately most of those who die in the natural
disasters believe in religions by their consciousness
and their subconsciousness want to be born again as their
consciousness can't understand the true feeling of subconsciousness which hate the religions.

Those who die in the natural disasters seem to be able to spend the mild and happy lives in the world of subconsciousness after they die because they can serve the big role of notice from the stars when seen from the view of universe.
Edited on 05-04-2015 01:59
Abnormal clouds appear before the earthquakes or eruptions05-04-2015 02:37
Abnormal clouds appear before the earthquakes or eruptions

The recent typhoon No18, and No19 were very strong until they came near Japan but they became very mild when they drew near Japan.
Therefore it hardly caused big damage to people.
It blew pleasant wind though it rained hard at night when the typhoon No19 passes through Kansai district .
However people complained it as the traffic was stopped too early.

I believe firmly abnormal clouds appear before the earthquakes as I saw the giant funiculose clouds which extended lengthwise before Great Hanshin Earthquake (Jan 1995).
Edited on 05-04-2015 02:39
Typhoon and cyclone have consciousness05-04-2015 02:49
Typhoon and cyclone have consciousness.

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

I am told from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' the information which have been informed to
me since 1998 is for the peace of the earth.
The interpretation of "an eye for an eye" of Islam is regarded as the teaching of revenge is
Islam preached as "an eye for an eye" which meant "if somebody gave you something beautiful to see, you should gift them back something beautiful to see, and as "a tooth for a tooth" meant "if somebody gave you something to eat, you should gift them back something to eat."
This meant that we should not monopolize the grace of God, though it is regarded as the teaching of revenge now as I told you previously.

'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'informed me in detail that the ancestor of Jews and Palestinians
are the same and they told me the evidence of it is the big ships which came out of the desert of Egypt.

The beings from the stars seem to have thought the earth would become peaceful when the story
of it would be known to the world.
Therefore no typhoon landed on Japanese archipelago in 2000.
Japan had no rainy season when it usually rains long in June but it rained only at nights in
that year.
Japanese people were able to enjoy the comfy summer in that year.
However there happened no change on the earth and struggles took place in many places.
Though Arafat and Former Prime Minister Sharon realized the ancestor of Jews and
Palestinians are the same but I was told from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' that they were
killed by those who liked wars.)
The typhoon which I remember well is the one which turned around Taiwan.
As it took the typhoon a week to turn around Taiwan, much damage was caused.
The typhoon had the name of a girl but she told me through the channeling that she wanted to
punish the Dragons who do evil deeds but she told me she was not able to land on China as
she feared them too much.
After that year typhoons came to Japan and caused flooding many times.
I was told the purpose of typhoon's visiting Japan is to purify the people who neglect the
atoms of the area and worship Dragons and snakes which atoms of typhoon hate too much.
Therefore they tell me they come to Japan in order to purify the place and people.
The typhoon of this year, No18 and No19 generated in the same area of the Pacific ocean.
I was told the reason of it.
There was Mu (lost continent)in Pacific ocean previously but most of the land of Mu sank leaving only one part of it.
I was told the continent which sank into the sea was decomposed into the atoms but combine one another
again with the awareness and become the typhoon.
The ruins which was left for Mu (lost continent) are Nan Madol Ruins, and so on.

The image of Nan Madol Ruins

The atoms which went under water swirl as they become the group of steam and go ahead with the purpose.
The reason why they go ahead to Japan is that atoms of typhoon want to see the king and queen of Sagittarius who stays in Japan.
And I was told they don't understand mankind are in trouble when they visit them, as human beings are smaller than ants seen from the group of them.
However human beings like me became to be able to talk with atoms and atoms of typhoon came to understand the human world.
Therefore I was told they try not to cause terrible disaster.
(Though there is another meaning in regarding the Great East Japan Earthquake,let me tell about it later.)
Atoms of the typhoon want to go to by human's side and want to know how humans live.
It became clearer their way of thinking this time.
Though it may be unbelievable,the typhoon No 19 seems to have passed through the area where
the readers of my web site who believe atoms have awareness, live.
However no damage was caused to those areas.
The damage of the typhoon No 19 which was reported to be giant typhoon was nothing but
the flooding below floor level.

Story changes but big earthquake (Great Hanshin Earthquake (Jan 1995) ) was caused in the Awaji Island where there is the shrine which swaggers it is enshrining the first god in Japan.
Typhoons and hurricanes are just like motorcycle gangs with awareness.
Atoms of the land seem to radio an SOS when they are done unpleasant deed to them.
Therefore some damages are caused by typhoons.
Though I repeat again, the nasty deed to atoms is to worship gods of religions without knowing atoms have consciousness by ignoring presence of atoms.
Edited on 05-04-2015 02:52
05-04-2015 03:04
Why atoms get angry.

By Ms Taeko Shiraki (She is the woman who can talk with atoms)

People today don't dire the conscious mind to atoms of the earth which are supporting us and atoms which maintain our bodies.
Therefore atoms get angry and warn us by resorting to abnormal weather or diseases.
Atoms can't bear people give thanks only to the energy bodies which gather together in religions in order to be worshiped.
Those energy bodies are the beings which are so-called gods in each religion.
Human beings can live long as cells which are forming bodies are kind enough to undergo cell division.
However I was told cell division is such the difficult and painful act as woman bear a child.
Many people don't realize at all how hard to keep the bodies by means of the hard work of cells in the organs and bodies and in addition they become the moaners or overwork their bodies.
In such cases cells sometimes seem to make a revolt.
One of the revolt is shown by the various symptoms of diseases like the cancer by which atoms warn people, I was told.
Though we call it "the signal", we often feel the scratchy pain several times in various parts of our body.
We usually sense what star is giving the signal by the point of our bodies to which signal is given.
Though I,Ms Taeko Shiraki can know what I am wanted to do or what the star wants to inform me as it tells by the words which I can know by the movement of my mouth, the readers of The True SKY(SORA)Info seem to understand what is wanted by the star by means of the dream, vision and what is happening in reality, and so on.
Atoms usually give signal or sign to our bodies before talking to us05-04-2015 03:16
Atoms usually give signal or sign to our bodies before talking to us

By Takashi

If you are accustomed to read the information "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA" , you will not need this description about the signal or sign, but it may be needed to those who have read it recently.

There are some who can talk with atoms.
One of them is Ms Taeko Shiraki.
However most of us can't talk with atoms.
Atoms want to tell what they think.
Therefore they look to the rapping sound or the signal or sign to our body.
As atoms which are around us are hearing our conversation, they show their feelings with rapping sound or the signal to our bodies.
In case what we talk or think is right, or when atoms want to convey something, we usually hear the rapping sound in the room.
As for signal or sign to our body, it is the itching or pain at one point of the body such as feet, hands or ears, etc.
It is sometimes purring feeling of eyes or discomfort of tooth etc.
It is the signal from the beings from the sky or spirits.
Miss Taeko Shiraki usually gets the signal in her body before channeling starts.
She knows some beings such as the beings from the sky, Stone gods or spirits of the person in the world of subconsciousness are about to tell her something through the channeling when she feels the signal in her body.

As for, Takashi, felt the pain on the belly as if I had been poked by a needle several times when I became a member of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA.
Many of the members of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA feel the signal or sign in some parts of their bodies.
When they feel the signal or sign in their bodies, they usually say, "Oh,I got the signal from Atom-boy just now."
However some of the Atom-boys don't know how humans feel the pain when they give the signal to us.
In that case we sometimes feel the pain as hash as we can not stand.
If we were given such intolerable pain as the signal, we have to let Atom-boy know the pain is intolerable and should ask to reduce the intensity of the signal.
As one of the members got the intolerable pain many times in various parts of his body, he asked Atom-boy to give smaller sign only on the finger.
After that he came not to get the too strong signal.
Edited on 05-04-2015 03:18
The story of Neu (like Neutrino) No106-04-2015 03:39
The story of Neu (like Neutrino) No1

By Ms Taeko Shiraki


Earthquakes and the cloud
I would like to offer information on the cause of earthquakes.
There seems to be various shapes of clouds, and this diversity in cloud shape is something to do with megalithic culture in the prehistoric age.
From this perspective, we may be able to answer to mysteries on the earth.

By summarizing a large amount of information I have obtained over the last eight years through channeling, I have created the following simple story.
Since this is a story untold to anyone, you can interpret the contents as freely as you like.
I'd be pleased if this might let you notice the existence of information of this kind.

Story of Niu
Although it seems that nothing exists in the sky, they say that the sky is filled with elements called Niu that are smaller than atoms.
Niu, which we can never see, is said to be looking at the earth with special sentiments.
Stars are also not simple masses of rocks or gasses, but groups of Nius with awareness.
The earth was originally a star like a red fireball.
Nius in the universe made a plan to make the earth "a star of hope with an apparent shape."
Agreeing with this plan, a group of "Stone gods(Ishikami) atoms of Sagittarius" (which I call "Nius" hereinafter) came to cool and solidify the earth.
This group looked like a rectangular stick when it first arrived, and soon became a large mass that resembled kneaded dough, then stretching themselves into a thin film that enveloped the earth.
The next group of Nius came by forming a banana shape and turned to mountains and hills.
The last group of Nius looked like a jellyfish and became the origin of living organisms.
These Nius turned to creatures of various shapes under the order from the star.

Nius who came first and covered the earth were in constant conversation with Nius who became mountains.
These Nius told their sentiments to Nius who were ascending as vapor.
The steam Nius then conveyed what they heard from mountain and underground Nius to those in the sky.
Nius in the sky who were given such information shared the same sentiments, thus getting together with steam Nius.

These Nius formed a large group.
The vapor Nius became water drops and then turned to clouds with a visible shape.
In this way, the feelings of Nius who covered the earth or became mountains began to float in the sky as clouds of various shapes.

Meanwhile, Nius with subconscious feelings, who came from the universe and became animated under the instruction of the stars, decided to inform people (or their obvious consciousness) about Nius who turned the earth to a place where animated beings can reside.
This is because people (or their obvious consciousness) believe that they can do anything as natural things and they are the smartest beings with abundant knowledge.
People are also constantly fighting with each other, unconscious of the fact that both the earth and foods are made of Nius with sentiments.
What Nius dislike the most is the fact that people are unaware of Niu's contribution and respect other thing, namely, religion of various types, which they call God.
When their faith in God is too strong, Nius who constitute the human body send out an SOS.
Those who have delivered SOS get together in large numbers and communicate with each other, thereby delivering a massive SOS signal filled with their sentiments to the universe.
Nius try to have people notice what they are doing through various actions, which cause various disasters.
Thus disasters are messages from the sky (universe) that have been sent in response to people's sentiments.

Clouds of various shapes are the manifestation of Nius' sentiments.
Those of unusual shapes have been formed when Nius who share the same opinions get together to inform people of the existence of conscious creatures or to protest to people.
The appearance of such clouds or the occurrence of earthquakes is a message delivered to attract people's attention to Nius.
This is the cause of earthquakes.
Small earthquakes are also signs sent by Nius to let people know the existence of conscious creatures.
When huge earthquakes occur, we should take them as signals from of Nius who want people to know that they are going in the wrong direction.
When the following types of clouds appear, it indicates that the earthquake is imminent.
Meanwhile, although earthquakes do happen after these clouds are spotted, people are sometimes unaware of them when they occur offshore or in the distance.

1)Fault cloud
When the cross section of this cloud is clean, it indicates that Nius are of the same opinion and that the earthquake will be of a large scale.

2)Radial cloud
The number of radial rays and level of straightness seem to be in proportion with the scale of the earthquakes.
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The story of Neu (like Neutrino) No206-04-2015 03:44
The story of Neu (like Neutrino) No2

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

3) Vertical cloud
This type of clouds goes straight upward from around the earth surface, and their stability and thickness also indicate the level of the earthquake.

4 Bar-shaped cloud
The straightness and smoothness of this cloud again signify the scale of earthquakes.
The authors saw bar-shaped clouds from the airplane at the time of the Fukuoka Earthquake in 2005.
At the time, the roundish, bar-shaped clouds made their beautiful appearance from around Fukushima Prefecture, extending to several hundred kilometers ahead.
From a satellite photo, I later found that the top of these clouds was located off Fukuoka.

The large semicircular rainbow signifies the original appearance of Nius; they looked like semicircular jellyfish when they first came down to the earth.
They got angry at people who did not notice them, thus delivering a warning in a form of a short rainbow to arouse people's awareness.
When a rainbow facing sideways appears, it indicates that a significantly large earthquake is about to occur, while small, vertical rainbows signal tremors of a small scale.

[Drawstring earthquake]
This is an earthquake in which tremors occur not at the epicenter but in areas several hundred kilometers away from it.
This type of earthquakes is caused by Nius who form the film.
To let people know that quakes are not the result of shifts, they tighten the earth deep inside, like we do to tighten a drawstring, thereby moving the drawstring part (the Pacific side).

[Slow slip]
The term "slow slip" has come to be heard from 2000.
It means underground rockslide, which tends to cause large earthquakes, advances slowly without generating tremors that people can feel.
In the plate theory, the Boso Peninsular is said to be moving in the northwestern direction by approximately two centimeters.
However, the observation satellite has found that the rocks have shifted one to two centimeters in the opposite southeastern direction.
According to preliminary calculations based on this theory, when a slow slip occurs at an instant, it generates energy equivalent of an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5.
Slow slips have also been observed in the western Shikoku region, the northern Kii Peninsula and Aichi Prefecture.
Slow slips occur when Nius move slowly so that they would not cause damage to people, and huge earthquakes occur when they move abruptly at a time.

[Huge earthquake]
When Nius who constitute a human body are under control of something they dislike (religion, etc.), they begin to cry for help to the universe.
This prompts a huge gas comet to dive into the earth in response to their call and create a hole on the film that covers the earth.
Nius who constitute this film by holding each other's hand, try to repair the hole in a hurry, thus causing a huge tremor or tsunami.
This is followed by repeated earthquakes, because Nius, who have released each other's hand at the shock of the comet's clash, try to hold hands again.
(See cartoons on the reverse cover)

If it is a small dent on the earth crust, Ishikami (Stone god)atoms (Nius) ride on it in large numbers to fill and repair the dent, thereby preventing tsunamis.

* The earth crust is made of many soft Ishikami atoms (Nius) uniting with each other like a mixture of flour, becoming thinner and enveloping the earth surface.
The united mass became something like an extended piece of gyoza dumpling, linked each other over the earth (circum-Pacific volcanic zone).
The connected sections become loose with the passage of time and with the clash of comets, thereby making the earth weaker.
As observed at the time of enormous Asian tsunami in 2004, the earth even comes to look dead temporarily.
This is why Ishikami Nius assemble immediately when such dent is created.
They try to repair the dent as quickly as possible, thus causing earthquakes and tsunamis if the dent is large.

In hot areas, water atoms try to return to the sky to avoid the extreme heat, thus causing the water to evaporate.
These water atoms go upward in a band, and began to chase one another to make the seawater as clean as possible.
The chasing causes whirlpool and huge waves, which clean the seawater.
The whirlpool of water atoms goes up to the sky one after another, forming thicker clouds.
On the sea, water atoms that assemble one after another join in the cleaning and continue chasing, thereby developing into a huge whirlpool.

[Lightning and tornado]

When Nius sharing the same sentiments run down to the earth at a time, the lightning becomes electricity and strikes the earth.
At one time, many atoms ran down from the universe all at once, and Nius who came down as [lightning] got together on the earth and became people.
When a huge tornado occurs, it indicates that the opposite is going on, namely, it rolls up substances and breaking them apart.
This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth
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06-04-2015 05:41
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆

would you mind finding someplace else for your posts? This forum is dedicated to the climate debate and that doesn't seem a topic in which you're actually interested.
06-04-2015 07:48
To Abraham3
Thank you for your reply.
Climate is the movement of atoms with consciousness.
Many people fear typhoon and tornado but if
we know those are also the movement of atoms and we don't
have to fear them because they won't damage us so long as
we become friends with them.
First of all we have to know atoms have consciousness.
Last year super typhoon drew near Japan but it reduced
its power rapidly when it came near the region where we live.
Fresh and mild wind blew when it passed over us.
As people don't know atoms have consciousness, they get angry.
Therefore climate get more and more violent in order to
make people know atoms have consciousness.
We live while giving thanks to atoms .06-04-2015 08:20
To Abraham3

We live while giving thanks to atoms 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

1) The information which Takashi is kind enough to introduce is the one that I got from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' through the channeling.
As I'm not good at English, I ask Takashi to translate.
Let me tell you why I'm transmitting the information which is far away from the common sense until now.
I glanced at many sites which people introduced in a moment but I found they are full of hideous information .
There are lots of a little evil atoms in the universe.
Those atoms which want to play pranks come to the earth from the universe and see those hideous things through human eyes.
They usually imitate what they see through human eyes.
Consequently I would like people not to open such hideous things to public in the net.
Those who accept the information which is informed from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA', give thanks to the atoms of the cells in the body.
And they live while talking with atoms which are kind enough to melt our heart by becoming food, faithful dogs, beautiful flowers and fish, pretty small birds, and so on.
In addition they are the atoms which are kind enough to let the weather mild.
(Of course we give thanks to atoms when we work because our bodies are moved thanks to those atoms.)
Those atoms are kind enough to respond in many ways when we give thanks to them.
As those phenomena caused by their response are very interesting, we are filled with new surprise every day.
When we talk with the atoms which form the land, they are kind enough to let us know many things by means of small earthquakes and eruptions.
I was informed atoms in the underground want to move a little, as they are extremely tired because they have been confined long in the underground without moving.
Unfortunately many people believe religions and give thanks only to those religious gods and don't give thanks to the crucial earth and the land.
Consequently atoms get angry and inform by means of fierce eruptions and earthquakes.
The above is the contents informed from atoms.
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06-04-2015 08:40
Ms Taeko Shiraki's activities 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

The information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' is the one which has been informed for the peace of the earth.
Consequently NPO was made in order to support my activities and let as many people as possible know it.
I open The True SKY(SORA) Info to public in the web site.

I have published many books in which I have outlined the The True SKY(SORA) Info that has been informed since 1998 but I am being informed one after another from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' every day.
In addition I'm too busy with the visit to the Remains overseas as well as domestic ones in order to prove atoms have consciousness.
Consequently I open the information to public only by web site today.
Edited on 06-04-2015 08:43
Every enigma on the earth can be solved if we accept atoms have awareness06-04-2015 08:53
To Abraham3

Every enigma on the earth can be solved if we accept atoms have awareness. 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

Don't you think the countless stars in the sky are nothing but the mere rock or the chunks of gas?
As you know stars are the chunks of atoms.
Therefore they have awareness.
The way of human thinking makes mistakes from very that point and it has been repeatedly warned and it is expressed by every kind of evil matters on the earth like terrifying incidents as well as harsh climate.
However if we live while thinking atoms have awareness, we come to be indifferent to those unlucky affairs.
In addition we come to give thanks to various affairs and we will have lots of synchronicity.
It never means we can have much money.
It neither means we can live in idleness without working.
Have you ever thought how much is an human when seen from the universe?
Can you assert the incidents which are taking place on the earth have nothing to do with the spiritual bodies in the universe at all?
Why were stars and the sun recorded on the things like rocks, and so on in ancient times?
Why are there constellations and have horoscope been prevalent for a long time?
Can you explain only by the theory of evolution that countless creatures like fish, animals and insects exist on the earth?
I have repeatedly been informed through the channeling from 1998 that humans are closely related with stars and are ruled by them.
What have been informed through the channeling are usually related to a variety of affairs which take place in reality but I can't explain in a short sentence as it is very complex.
However those who understand The True SKY(SORA) Info correctly consent to the relation between stars and humans.
There is a reason why lots of evil incidents take place on the earth.
It is certain that there are two types of aggregation of spiritual bodies in the universe.
One want to help humans and the other want to rule them.
However today's humans never accept spiritual bodies.
In addition they don't admit atoms have consciousness.
Therefore they try to inform humans by claiming why don't you understand?
I am transmitting the information to solve the misunderstanding about the teaching of Islam which was informed in order to help the earth.
It tells the ancestor of Jews and Palestinians was the same.
However it has never been accepted.
Therefore I have been informed the answer about every kind of enigmas on the earth.
Every enigma about megalith Remains can be solved if we accept "atoms have awareness."
And we will find the answer of enigmas are related to myths and legends.
Edited on 06-04-2015 08:59
06-04-2015 13:32
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆
06-04-2015 13:39
AdministratorProfile picture☆☆☆☆☆
I have moved this thread to the Off Topic area of the forum, as it is not directly concerning climate change (!).
Abnormal clouds appear before the earthquakes or eruptions06-04-2015 14:56
Abnormal clouds appear before the earthquakes or eruptions 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

The typhoon No18 and No19 in 2014 were very strong until they came near Japan but they became very mild when they drew near Japan.
Therefore it hardly caused big damage to people.
It blew pleasant wind though it rained hard at night when the typhoon No19 passes through Kansai district .
However people complained it as the traffic was stopped too early.

I believe firmly abnormal clouds appear before the earthquakes as I saw the giant funiculose clouds which extended lengthwise before Great Hanshin Earthquake (Jan 1995).

The following is my site of the clouds which are reported from various places in Japan.
According to the following site, abnormal clouds appear about one month ago in case of big earthquakes.

Feature of clouds which looks like earthquake clouds-a(English)

Feature of clouds which looks like earthquake clouds-b(English)

The following is the clouds which appeared before the eruption of Mt. Ontake in which more than 55 were dead.
Feature of clouds which looks like earthquake clouds-c(English)
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No typhoon landed on Japanese archipelago in 200006-04-2015 15:23
No typhoon landed on Japanese archipelago in 2000

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

It may be unbelievable,but please look at the course of typhoon of the year 2000.
The typhoon course of 2000

You can find the course of the typhoon when you choose the number of typhoon in the brackets at the upper left and you can find the each course of it.
You can find no typhoons landed on Japanese archipelago though they came near it.
It is interesting when we see the course of typhoons while you check the course with the thought that the beings from the stars want us to see them with the thought that typhoons have awareness when they stray from their predicted courses.
Edited on 06-04-2015 15:24
Why do atoms give notice one after another?.06-04-2015 15:32
Why do atoms give notice one after another? 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

I think there is no other ways than to tell The True SKY(SORA)Info in order to stop the going out of control by Islam.
To be honest, I would like to inform about the history before mankind which I have been told a lot.
As the thoughts of mankind seems to decide the fate of the earth, I have not been told the hopeful words from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' if the present situation were to continue.
The abnormal phenomena are taking place one after another.
It is chilly abnormally though the temperature of sea water is high.
In addition a freezing rain or heavy snow which we have never seen until now are taking place by an area.
Though it is December, a large-scale typhoon is generated.
I was told the reason for it.
Atoms of the area there attract those abnormality as they want mankind realize about atoms have consciousness .
I feel we can't be able to relax any more.
As mankind keep ignoring the warning of 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA', I know atoms are getting angry.
Nevertheless the beings from the stars tell, "Take this! and this!" and inform about prehistoric megalith Remains.

Archaeologist claim megalith remains were made by mankind.
Stonehenges or megalith remains in Malta are explained with the pictures which show mankind are making them.
Then do you claim this megalith remains in Siberia were made by mankind?
Huge Mysterious Megalith in Russia

As mankind leave those problems unsettled and pretend not to know, the beings from the stars seem to give notice one after another.
Edited on 06-04-2015 15:33
06-04-2015 15:38
The warning of atoms of the earth.

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

[url] eastern-turkey[/url]
The explanation of the signal which Ms Taeko Shiraki feels in her body.06-04-2015 16:15
The explanation of the signal which Ms Taeko Shiraki feels in her body  

Signal or sign from atoms 

By Takashi

If you are accustomed to read the information "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA" , you will not need this description about the signal or sign, but it may be needed to those who have read it recently.
There are some who can talk with atoms.
One of them is Ms Taeko Shiraki.
However most of us can't talk with atoms.
Atoms want to tell what they think.
Therefore they look to the rapping sound or the signal or sign to our body.
As atoms which are around us are hearing our conversation, they show their feelings with rapping sound or the signal to our bodies.
What we talk or think is right, or when atoms want to convey something, we usually hear the rapping sound in the room.
As for signal or sign to our body, it is the itching or pain at one point of the body such as feet, hands or ears, etc.
It is sometimes purring feeling of eyes or discomfort of tooth etc.
It is the signal from the beings from the sky or spirits.
Miss Taeko Shiraki usually gets the signal in her body before channeling starts.
She knows some beings such as the beings from the sky, Stone gods or spirits of the person in the world of subconsciousness are about to tell her something through the channeling when she feels the signal in her body.
As for, Takashi, felt the pain on the belly as if I had been poked by a needle several times when I became a member of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
Many of the members of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA feel the signal or sign in some parts of their bodies.
When they feel the signal or sign in their bodies, they usually say, "Oh,I got the signal from Atom-boy just now."
However some of the Atom-boys don't know how humans feel the pain when they give the signal to us.
In that case we sometimes feel the pain as hash as we can not stand.
If we were given such intolerable pain as the signal, we have to let Atom-boy know the pain is intolerable and should ask to reduce the intensity of the signal.
As one of the members got the intolerable pain many times in various parts of his body, he asked Atom-boy to give smaller sign only on the finger.
After that he came not to get the too strong signal.

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

Takashi, thank you for your explanation of the signal.
The signal is given generally to a part of the body by the itch or the very light pain 2--6 times.
Therefore I make out I am asked to know something.
Then I pay attention to the point where I was given the signal.
However I say in my mind, "Please wait until I finish eating." when I am eating something.
Then in my heart I talk to the sender of the signal what it wants to tell.
Then my tongue moves faintly and the movement of my tongue begins to form the words.
I confirm the movement of my tongue and verify until the movement of my tongue forms the words surely to the last words.
When I can't understand what is told I ask the question.
In case of the wrong answer, I can't utter the words for the conclusion.
In that case, I inquire again and again.
I repeat the questions until I get the clear conclusion.
The intense signal which was given until now was the one given before the big earthquake of 3/11.
I felt the very intense signal in the right hip joint and the pain was not healed for hours.
I asked what they wanted to inform me.
I was given the words which said to me to convey the following to the government.
The word said,"The government must not ignore the warning from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'."
Therefore I sent the mail of caution to the government.
Immediately after sending the mail of caution, the pain has gone and I was able to sleep well.
But I was to see the unexpected scene on TV the next day.
In other case, I felt the intense signal in Yazd of Turkey, Vatican and Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.
All of them are the area which are much related to the religions and I was informed a lot.
Therefore I think the atoms in the body hate the religions.
In these days the readers seem to feel the signal in their bodies when we are talking together.
The signal vanishes when the readers understand what the subconscious mind of them want to inform.
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To Abraham307-04-2015 05:45
To Abraham3

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

Many of the viewers who are studying the climate in this Forum may feel anger as I have posted the completely different opinion against the common idea about climate.
I can well understand the anger of you as my posting has been regarded unorthodox from many field of studies like earth science and Archeology, and so on.
There happened many big earthquakes in Japan and I found my postings have not been accepted at all though I opened The True SKY(SORA) Info to public since 2003.
I was informed by the beings from the stars by the strong signal to my body just before the Great East Japan Earthquake of 3/11 in 2011.
Therefore I informed the Japanese government as the warning from UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, but it was ignored completely.
More and more abnormal climate and abnormal phenomena are increasing on the earth.
But atoms have consciousness is not acknowledged by people at all.
Therefore atoms get too angry and I was told they are planning to decompose the earth.
In addition I was told the plan of decomposing the earth seems to be approved by the general managing section in the universe.
Only a part of the plan of decomposing the earth seems to be shown as the herald by the sink holes and super typhoons which are being caused all over the world.
The sink holes on parade
First of all let me point out that 3 of Abraham3 means the honorific word in Japanese.
Japanese people put 3(san) as the honorific word at the end of the name like Takashi san.
Abraham3, I have been told by the atoms which are forming the earth are getting angry as the religions which were originally started by an ancestor of Abraham are ruling the earth today.
Therefore I am told they convey their feeling of anger by resorting to the abnormal climate.
UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA told me the cause of the abnormal phenomena occurring all over the world, which we have not experienced until now.
However most of the enigma can be solved when we regard them with the thought atoms have consciousness.
However today's science claims that all abnormal phenomena were caused naturally.
Though atoms with thoughts are supporting the earth with all their might and bringing up humans by giving every kind of resource, most people do nothing but giving thanks to only the religions which were made by the ignorant humans thousands years ago.
Therefore I am told every atom of the earth gets angry and give warning.
I can consent the anger of atoms.
Last year the typhoons which came to Japan passed near through the region where I lived.
However the wind blew little and the sea was calm enough for us to be able to enjoy swimming in it.
The TV and radio warned the super typhoon would assault Japan but it ended in only blowing fresh wind.
If we live while giving thanks to atoms, we can experience nice synchronicities.
Even if we may suffer some troubles, we can find the meaning in them invariably.
In addition we feel we can enjoy the splendid lives even if we may lead the frugal lives as the humans.
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The experience notes of Ms Taeko Shiraki07-04-2015 15:15
The experience notes of Ms Taeko Shiraki 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

According to The True SKY(SORA) Info, atoms which compose the earth have conscious mind.
And I was told atoms decide whether they will become inorganic or organic.
As atoms which turned into the land hate to stay still, they try to change into other things somehow, I was told.
Consequently some of them try to become the creatures by turning into the moss.
Some of them make sink holes when they collapse by stopping the coupling and by being decomposed.
However those which want to change their forms calmly seem to turn into granular stones like this.
This is the thing which I saw in Grand circle, but I saw this kind of one in Australia, too.
The things which looks very similar to this are found in Mars, too.
Incidentally there was water formerly in Mars as well as the earth, I was told.
Ex-marine told on TV there is Mars conspiracy theory.
But he seems to have been poured thinking into the brain because he said he can teleport to Mars in fifteen minutes.
The channeler of my acquaintance explained in detail that she had been to Jupiter on board an ufo.
Mrs. Hatoyama of ex-prime minister Mr. Hatoyama told the same thing.
The former channeler was on board an ufo while she was meditating and went to Jupiter which she found very beautiful.
However she saw her body meditating when she looked down from Jupiter, I was told.
I saw a big river flow backward gently at the middle of the river at the end of June in 1998.
Though I remember clearly that I ate sushi at a sushi restaurant, I found no sushi restaurant when I visited there the next year.
Then I found the place where the sushi restaurant existed was near the cliff and there was even no vacant lot there for the sushi restaurant.
As I went to eat sushi with my daughter, she also remembered the shop clearly and she said it was too strange.
And the middle-aged person whom I saw at a hotel in Kyoto in the same 1998, was a fat man who was good at Kyo language.
He was an alien.
Inside of his mouth smelt the smelling of the seashore and I found the back of the throat was pitch-dark.
Though he said he was an employee of the hotel, it was strange he said his room was the hotel guest room.
According to the channeling information then, I was told a big Caucasian man who was 2m high came to help me.
I was able to hear the voice then and I was told to follow him.
However the man was a robot which I was able to know clearly and he kept looking at the distant place and walked away to the different direction.
According to the words of channeling given to me, the robot was the defective product as was made in a hurry.
The woman who mailed me after I had transmitted the information with HP was working for NASA.
She told me she was about to be kidnaped by the ten of the same Caucasian of 2m high.
According to her, they came by getting into a car.
Consequently she came back to Japan in a fluster, she told.
Though I actually contacted with her for a while, it seemed what she told me was not a lie.
Incidentally the man of advanced age told me he saw an ufo in 1945.
As he is a man of advanced age, he doesn't know such a thing from other information but he said what he saw was just like this when he saw the photo of an ufo.
And he told the ufo flew to the direction of the naval port but it might fall as he heard a big sound.
In other case, in the second half of 1998, I saw a man who had a pattern of microphone drawn on his face.
There was also a person who insisted an ufo had come flying and the roof of his house had got scorched.
I saw him together with the TV director.
In other case, a man who told he was contacting with Pleiades drew near me in the first half of 1998, and he showed me various achievements.
When he had a watch or an accessory in his hand, he was able to make them glitter.
Besides he was able to stretch or reduce the crystal.
As amethyst got too big, it overflowed when it was put in the ring.
In any case, it seemed he was given the energy of the star.
Consequently I was able to guess the crystal skull was softened by the star energy and was formed freely.
The following is the same as the above cases.
Many of the out-of-place artifacts are claimed to have been excavated from the ancient stratum, but the stratum seems to turn into the old one of several hundred million years when stars give energy.
It seems that the earth is not so old.
Is the theory connected with the field of other science?
For example, biology and Archeology, and so on.
I think integrity of science is the most important.
Each Doctrine is apt to change when the time changes.
The belief of today's science has made the earth in such a tattered ways, I have been repeatedly told from the beings from the stars.
As the subject is deviated from this topics, please state your claim in other topics.
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The True SKY(SORA) Info has been sent all over the world08-04-2015 01:13
The True SKY(SORA) Info has been sent all over the world. 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

The information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' which have been sent since 16 years ago is so deviated from the conventional way of thinking that it can not be helped you may think outrageous when you read only a part of it.
However there are some who accept it sooner even if the number of them are a few.
And what is happening on the earth has been known by 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' because they are watching humans.
We send information which have been delivered for the peace of the earth to the government and universities of each country in the booklets or leaflets.
The following is the booklet of the "You fellows" story.

The following information reached Arafat.
Though the interpretation of "an eye for an eye" of Islam is regarded as the teaching of revenge, it is wrong.
Islam preached as "an eye for an eye" which meant "if somebody gave you something beautiful to see, you should gift them back something beautiful to see, and as "a tooth for a tooth" meant "if somebody gave you something to eat, you should gift them back something to eat."
This meant that we should not monopolize the grace of God, though it is regarded as the teaching of revenge now.

Arafat said, "Even prophet made mistakes, let alone I made mistakes, too."
The suicide bombings at the time were eliminated thereafter.
The information reached late former Prime Minister Sharon, too.
Though former Prime Minister Sharon was such a hawkish person, he suddenly tried to withdraw from West Bank.
However he was killed with Arafat by the people who persistently liked strives.
The following is the booklet for a part of The True SKY(SORA) Info.

[url] pdf[/url]

Incidentally the following is the recent news.
What is happening at the heart of our galaxy?

Incidentally Sagittarius exists to the direction of the center of the galaxy and it declares its intention by the explosion.
The following is the animation which shows only a part of The True SKY(SORA) Info which was informed in an early time.
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Nazca Lines08-04-2015 01:26
Nazca Lines【Postscript on Jan. 12, 2015】 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

May 31, 2003


Postscript on Jan. 5, 2005

This is Nazca Line which was found from the photo taken by an artificial satellite.
The width is 200m and the length is as long as 50km.
As the whole figure is so big that it is certain it was not made by human hands.
It goes across the several mountains and crosses the three valleys.

According to the beings from the stars this pattern expresses the human ways to proceed.
Humans recognized subconsciousness(=spirit)for a while but the Ruler's Stars taught humans not to recognize subconsciousness(=spirit)in the middle of the human history.
Therefore humans were divided into two groups.
One believe what was taught by the Ruler's Stars and the other believe the Trinity(body, subconsciousness and spirit=the power to live).

[Postscript on Jan. 12, 2015]
The line is divided to the left and right in the middle.
The people who go the left way make a U-turn in a certain point and return to the same way as the old one.
That is the way which was ruled by religions.
Those people who are ruled by religions return the same way as the way of bygone days.
We can know it as religious events are reviving a lot in these days.
On the contrary, those who go the right way make a U-turn without returning to the bygone days as they know the meaning why the earth was made.
They proceed while talking with the earth and giving thanks the blessing of the earth.
Therefore they get to be released by any pains in the end which is expressed by the projection of the line(in the left).
That is they can live without any anxiety as they understand the meanings of any kind of affairs which are taking place in reality.
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The relation between clouds and earthquakes.08-04-2015 02:06
The relation between clouds and earthquakes  

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

The relation between clouds and earthquakes

Before Great Hanshin Earthquake (Jan 1995) happened. I got into a traffic jam on the highway, when I saw a very thick vertical cloud like a rope.
I thought it was a very novel cloud.
I didn't know the relation between the clouds and earthquakes then.
Thereafter I saw a very strange cloud from the car which was heading for the airport on Sep. 21, 2003.
Though it was seen in a moment, I found the cloud as if the waves were surging from the right.
I took pictures of it by a digital camera hurriedly.

The following is the photo taken by a person in Hokkaido on the same day.

Then I found 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' informed us by clouds, too and I began to open the photos of clouds to public.
I found the big earthquakes are informed by the clouds more than one month ago but it seemed that unusual clouds don't appear just before it.
I put those clouds shot until 2007 in the book but many photos of clouds are being sent to me thereafter.
I still think the earthquakes are related to the clouds.

And many unusual Crop Circles appeared in July of 2003.
Therefore I informed mass media but I was completely ignored.

Thereafter Tokachi-oki (in Hokkaido, Japan) big earthquake happened on Sep. 26, 2003.

#) It seemed that this Crop Circle was found in Spain in 2012.
It has the very complex patterns which looks as if wheat were woven?
We can see the mysterious lights which look like ufos gathered together in the first half of YouTube.

The giant loose Crop Circle was made in these days but I was told the reason.
I was told each of the beings from the stars made it discretely.
#)"Is anything happening in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy?: The phenomena of the biggest explosion was observed in the center of galaxy in recorded history."
According to The True SKY(SORA) Info the beings of Sagittarius came to the earth in order to make the earth the star of hope.
I have been informed it since 16 years ago.
They say Sagittarius is to the direction of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
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The reply to skeptic of Crop Circle09-04-2015 14:18
The reply to skeptic of Crop Circle 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

As skeptic of Crop Circle tell, there are some works which were made by mankind, but they will be determined soon, because the ones made by mankind are too rough and unbalanced.
Therefore the beings from the stars tell me that I don't have to see them.
The beings from the stars get very angry when mankind make the Crop Circle.
I can't claim that abnormal weather have relationship with the man-made Crop Circles.
Though there are many who read lots of information about Crop Circles, I'd like to ask them is the information which they read related to ruins?
It is the most important that the channeling information are consistent.
The number of Crop Circles about which I have been given the explanation from the beings from the stars is 530 since 2001.
(There are some Crop Circles which I have not seen recently as I am too busy for visiting the ruins of overseas.)
The prime ministers named Hatoyama in around 2009 appeared in the pattern of Crop Circle depicting the small bird.

Hatoyama means pigeon and mountain in Japanese.
And diverse and complex patterns were made around that time.
Do you think such diverse and complex pattern can be made by mankind?
There are diverse and complex pattern in the above URL.
Avebury is the area where there are lots of ruins, isn't it?

They say the one in the above URL was made in one night.
"The night time is short in summer and is it actually possible for mankind to make such a big pattern in a dark place and in one night? " is written there.
As ruins and Crop Circles are related to each other, the beings from the stars tell me about the relevancy.
(However it is certain that there are some whose meaning comes to be blurred after long period even though the meaning of Crop Circles might be clear when they are made.)
The Crop Circle in Japan is not the circle and they are different from the ones in Europe.
The following is the ones which were found in Japan, when I thought whether they were found even in Japan or not?

The smilie mark was drawn in the Crop Circle.
At that time there were just over a dozen pieces smilie goods in the car of newspaper rman for the magazine who visited there for the report.
(The image can be expanded by click)

The above had been already made when I visited there as I had been called by channeling.

The new one seems to inform the contradiction of medicine in modern times.
The triangle with an acute angle shows struggle.
Though WHO uses the symbol of Snake charmer seat they are next to each other.
Though it is free to think in any way, there are too many who think mankind is the cleverest and can do anything in the universe.
Besides they make Crop Circles and have high opinions themselves, they are given TIT-FOR-TAT by the atoms with consciousness.
I was asked to tell it firmly by atoms through the channeling.
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Hypnotherapy No310-04-2015 00:28
Hypnotherapy No3

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

The simple inducing which I had done in the psychiatry was the basic of hypnotherapy.
I think Ph. D Rinda didn't put an emphasis on the past life but she told it is important to talk to subconsciousness.
The subconsciousness and the consciousness are often likened to an iceberg.
The part which goes under water occupies much more area than the part on the water and it is called subconsciousness.
The contents of the ordinary adressing can be conveyed only to the part which projects on the water.
It is just the same as the endless tape.
Therefore they say it is invalid however often one may adress to consciousness, but one can adress to subconsciousness and the adressing to it becomes valid if one is hypnotized.
However there is one serious problem in hypnotherapy.
The clients are to vacate all of them to the therapist as the clients are hypnotized.
As it is the same as meditation, you are to vacate your whole body and it is dangerous in some cases.
A man who can see the vision posted to Qigong class in Monthly journal Mu which I happened to read and I found the contents of it was the same as The True SKY(SORA) Info.
It told the spiritual bodies of the snakes affect a lot in the invisible world.
According to the illustration shown in the Monthly journal Mu, such a snake with the wings as big as overflowing from the window flame of Qigong schoolroom was overlooking the schoolroom.
I thought it is dangerous in training of hypnotism to each other if training partner is not authentic.
The partner whom Ph.D Rinda(lecturer) appointed was a man from Okinawa Prefecture.
He told he was a channeler and a healer.
As he hoped to see the past life of him, I induced him to hipnotic state, in which he began to tell such various things as were thought to be the affairs of the past life very easily.
I was much surprised to hear them as all I heard were first to me.
(* Though I write "the past life" here I still don't understand even now about what was told from him.
Therefore please read it keeping in mind what I told.)
The contents what I heard from him were Black Angel, the inhabitants at the back of the moon(?)(=the subordinates of Pleiades) and the creepy devil relations like Egypt.
He murmured, "Why do I see such things?" after being canceled the hipnotic state.
Next I was induced by him.
However I was not able to relax at all because I feared him and he hypnotized me while touching me on many parts of my body though it was prohibited to do so.
He began to curse me as I was not induced to hipnotic state.
He began to condemn me telling I was possessed by an evil spirit as I was a nurse of the psychiatry.
Therefore I had a consultation with Ph. D Rinda who told there had been complaints from other persons about him.
In addition she told she was considering to refrain from giving him the licence.
However he continued the job of healer as he was able to do channeling.
The channeler who was from the other region asked me to hypnotize me as she was studying hypnotism in her own way.
Therefore I became the guinea pig.
But she repeatedly chanted "Amaterasu-sama, Amaterasu-sama " and had shown the mood as if she had been possessed by subconsciousness.
Therefore I felt creepy and far from relaxing.
According to the information magazine, however, she advertised herself as the healer and psychic and seemed to gather many people.
There was a person who saw the terrifying vision of the past life when she came for the training of the hypnotherapy and she became not to be able to recover from the shock.
She was involved in conflict with her mother too much.
Therefore she tried to figure it out, and she got hypnotherapy in other place and I was told she had seen the past life.
She found her past life in which she had been an Indian and her mother had been an US soldier who had poked her with the spear.
(In case of reincarnation, man and woman sometimes change places.)
When she saw the scene, the relationship with her mother got worse, I was told.
Therefore she came there to be healed but I was told if we change the past life without permission, the subconsciousness will get chaotic and there is the adverse effect.
Consequently I was told not to heal the past life.
I didn't know how she was managed in the long run.
I tried hypnotherapy scores of times in the long run in order to see various past life.
The hypnotherapy might be thought to be effective to see the past life but when I look back on the times, I think it might be the act of the Ruler's Stars.
Before starting channeling, I tried hypnotherapy at home and I came across the cases of cumulative total number of forty.
In my case there were only a few clients who showed the past lives which were related to the experience of terror.
Furthermore they were not so harsh experiences.
One of the cases was the fatal accident by falling off the carriage or being smashed by an elephant.
I worked to erase each memory.
I thought consecutive working generate dependence and I worked once and declined the other workings.
Consequently I don't know the following development of an affair but everyone seemed to be satisfied to some extent when they came home.
Indeed there was the way to unleash from the karma by hypnotism formerly.
However karma can be modified by the talking to one's subconsciousness as the dimension has been raised now.
There are readers of my site who think so.

There are people who read my books which they know through my HP.
Some try to contact me or want to exchange mails with me.
Or some of them want to see me directly.
Then I came to be able to know various things even though I don't rely on hypnotherapy now.
However in my cases, stars in the universe seem to come to inform about what subconsciousness wants rather than the advice to real lives.
Some of the star might inform strictly to people but if people get over the difficulty after they know what subconsciousness wants them to do, the subconsciousness of those people seem to become happy.
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My experience,The girl who was haunted by subconsciousness.10-04-2015 00:30
My experience,The girl who was haunted by subconsciousness(= spirit)

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

The following is the case which I came across immediately when I started to work at psychiatry.
The fifteen year old girl who was made to work at the gangster's was hospitalized.
She was making a copy of The Heart of the Prajna-paramita on a sheet of plain paper in the daytime as she had been recommended to do it by her mother.
The girl fell with a bang at nine every evening and she lost consciousness completely.
I was surprised when I first saw it.
I observed her symptoms like the level of consciousness, and so on and tried to recover her consciousness again by any means.
However the nurses who had seen her until then said, "She will be cured if she is left alone," as they had seen her behavior many times.
In addition other patients took no notice of her.
Consequently I did nothing except for the observation of her symptoms.
However she really walked to the washroom in thirty minutes as if nothing had happened.
And thereafter she repeatedly pounded her on the nose until her nose bled and it was ineffective for her even though she took medicine.
On the duty day I had her sleep beside me in the visiting room as the pounding was too violent and I had had worried.
Then she suddenly began to cry.
I asked her why she cried.
She replied there was a man of middle-aged outside the window(the fourth floor)and he ordered her, "As you are doing only bad things, how about going together with me?""Pop out of the window and dive into the car."
The girl pointed at the outside of the window telling "The man is over there."
As I wanted to see ghost once, I strained my eyes as hard as possible but I was able to see nothing.
I was told in detail the man was the person who was taken in the form of so-called spirit photography when she had taken a picture at the staircase of the apartment.
She explained he was in the jersey of moss green.
I told the girl why the man of middle-aged said such a thing.
(The girl was talking with so-called telepathy.)
Then he said, "I killed myself as I had failed in the enterprise but I want to thank the woman who had been kind enough to cry for me."
Consequently I tried to get a piece of information about the name and the address out of him as I wanted to fulfill his wishes.
However such things are forgotten when one dies.
And barely family name and name of Prefecture were told by the sprit.
(I found the memorial tablets on which odd family name was written in the house which I had visited by chance.
When I talked what I heard from the spirit, the person in the house changed the complexion.

The man who had the memorial tablet on which odd family name was written in his house was Mr. Yoshida Takashi who had been related with Pleiades.
Then I told the girl to say to the spirit, "I don't want to die yet, and I want to enjoy my life." "As I will lead the regular life from now on, please don't haunt me." "You can go to the paradise if you walk to the direction of the light."
The girl stopped losing consciousness or pounding the nose since the next day.
Next time she complained that she began to see, however, many men who had no faces but were wearing hoods and who said, "Please don't abandon us."
Consequently I asked her whether she was doing what was related to this affair or not.
She replied that she had executed what had been told by her mother as her mother had always told her to worship jizo, the guardian deity of children.
The people who were wearing hoods with no faces were the people that had always prayed to jizo, (the guardian deity of children) and died.
They were looking to the jizo even after their death.
They were wandering about aimlessly as they didn't know they had already died.
They were so-called wandering ghosts.
Now I asked the beings from the stars whether it was true or not.
I was told it was right.
Those who died believing Buddhism can't go up to 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' after they died.
Consequently they are apt to haunt the people who are kind enough to accept them.
And they try to cause the failure to the people whom they haunted in order to have them realize about them.
This time I also said to them, "Don't haunt this girl, as you have already been dead, you can go to the paradise if you walk to the direction of the light."
The girl came not to see the visual hallucinations thereafter and her action to pound her on the nose was eliminated.
Consequently she was discharged from the hospital after a while.
As I didn't know The True SKY(SORA) Info in those days, I told her to have the photos disposed at the Buddhist temple when she was discharged from the hospital.
However it seemed that it was not effective for her to dispose the photos in that way and regard good the life in which she made the hand-copying of sutras.
She came to the hospital again after she had reduced to skin and bones.
Thereafter I overheard she was leading the unhealthy life.
Though I wrote various things in the nursing record, reported them to the doctor on duty, only the word, auditory hallucinations and visual hallucination were told to me and no treatment was taken except for prescribing medicine.

[Postscript]From the blog of a reader of my site.

When I was a high-school students, there was an odd classmate in the same class.
He suddenly began to pound the wall as his seat was near the wall.
The teacher was surprised and was stunned.
As he kept pounding the wall in silence, soon his fist began to bleed.
He showed the ridiculous look when he saw it.
He was famous with eccentric behavior by any means.
It seemed the parents of him were eager believers of Jehovah.
He suddenly began to write in silence such the words on the blackboard as Oh, Jehovah------ something or other and he kept writing the sentences.
When I look back on the times, I think he might be played tricks by the energy body of the religion.
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The memo of my experience, The star Rada.10-04-2015 11:51
The memo of my experience, The star Rada (Postscript on May 31, 2012)  

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

This is my memo of my experience and I found the star Rada(= the star of snakes)has the very important meaning.
Consequently let me write the postscript.
It is about Ms Amano Seiko, the channeler, who teaches the meditation by claiming that people can be connected with Higher-self through breathing techniques.
She is the woman who came to draw near me by channeling when I started to go to the training school which was recognized officially by National Guild of Hypnotists.
I was not able to do channeling in those days.
Therefore I was much fascinated by her experience.
I was proposed to put up at her house instead of staying at a hotel as she would give therapy to me.
Consequently I put up at her room several times.
It seemed her experience was very awful to her but it was very interesting to me and I used to hear her story until late at night.
The dream which she used to have in her childhood was as follows.

"I'm crying standing on the high stand.
Many snakes which stand on the tails are laughing near the bottom.
I'm crying as I hate snakes.

She said above and she told me she has to come back to the star of snakes when she dies according to her channeling.
This channeler was connected with the being called "the king of the star Rada" and she was told very strict things by him.
The teacher who had taught the meditation to her wielded so terrible violence to her that she was running about trying to escape from him.
In the meantime, I was told the teacher killed himself with her mother in Aokigahara-jukai at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
She told she had contacted with many aliens(like robots) and she had seen very clear visions which were the announcements from the god.
It seemed the being from the star Rada, she said, appeared in the figure which was bigger than a mountain and she had herself ride on the palm of the being from the star Rada and she was introduced to heavenly maidens(?) in the paradise as the only child of God.
She said she had often seen ufos and explained in detail she had been to Jupiter by an ufo.
(Mrs. Hatoyama Sachi who is the wife of the ex-Prime Minister Hatoyama had the same experience as the one of Ms Amano Seiko.)
According to Ms Amano Seiko, the Jupiter was very beautiful and there was a ship on the lake and the light didn't bend in the water.
She explained drawing a picture.
She told she had been guided to the cockpit in the ufo.
According to Ms Amano Seiko there were several aliens like the movie stars of Takarazuka and Doraemon(Doraemon is blue robot like a cat. He came from 22 century.) and they were around us.
However I was not able to see them at all.
According to her, Doraemon-type alien descended to the earth at the time of Great Kanto Earthquake but lost energy supply device at the shore of Enosima.
Therefore she was, she said, asked to look for it.
She found it at the place which had been instructed to go.
As soon as the alien got it and rode on it, the ring(?) around the arm of the alien got red and energy was supplied.
She told the alien had been very glad.
(The alien was also the terrifying one in 1998, either.)
She was also given the power to cure the disease and it seemed she cured the others of sacral bones.
However the cured parts turned back to the original even though they were felt to have become well at first.
She showed the cruel scene to the client by hypnotherapy and she required much money for the therapy to purify the karma which, she told to the client, was so large.
I observed how to purify the karma at her room in those days.
Ms Amano Seiko wrote the characters which she saw by vision and which looked like hieroglyphs or the character of Venus and she wrote them in a circle in order not to make mistakes word for word exactly.
In the center of the paper she drew a small round point which she said it expressed the person whom she was going to purify.
When she burned the paper oddly enough the circle in the center was left without being burned.
She teaches the meditation widely enough even now to be able to put the ad in the train.
It seemed that the Ruler's Stars left so many subordinates as to prepare for ruling.
She seems to believe what has been told through the channeling because she thinks it will serve for the world peace.
In addition as she doesn't want to return back to the star of snakes after her death she is keeping what has been told through the channeling and seems to teach the meditation.
Thereafter as long as ten years, she engaged in the meditation much more.
Therefore it seems that there was the project to possess humans by the Ruler's Stars and it got clear.
As her experience was so interesting that I recommended her to publish a book by all means.
The book was sent to me many years later, but I didn't find any interesting contents.
It seemed to be explaining we can be connected with Higher-self and can do channeling with the method of breathing.
I had a phone call from Ms Amano Seiko who asked me what to do as the book didn't sell at all.
I introduced Mr. Funai Yukio as I felt the responsibility because I had recommended her to write a book, though I knew clearly I had been fooled by him.
Maybe it's because she was connected with Mr. Funai Yukio , she has kept continuing the meditation of the star of snakes as Ph. D of IOND University (It sells a doctoral degree).
Though she did hypnotherapy, most of the the past lives which were shown by it were full of cruel scenes.
She was shown the vision in which she had been skewering the witches.
Thereafter she suffered the cerebral hemorrhage in Swiss and she had a hard time by the operation, I was told.
A little atrophied part was left in her body.
I was informed by the beings from the stars that people were made into the state of trance by her breathing techniques and the spiritual body in the universe had the project to hack the earth by ruling humans after possessing humans.
The spiritual body in the universe are the being of the star Rada(the star of snakes)and Pleiades.
Fortunately the spiritual bodies like Pleiades are gone now but it seems that the energy body which have taken the place of Pleiades imitate Pleiades and try to rule the earth.
(The pattern which looks like the Ruler's Stars in the Crop Circle)
I found the meditation is being spread in order for the energy bodies of the Ruler's Stars to invade into human bodies.
I was warned by the dream about it on the day when I knew it.
I realized it when I stood in the kitchen.
As soon as I thought, however, I hate to tell it to people as it sounds like saying bad things, I came not to be able to put a force on the right hand at all.
When I thought I still had to open it to public, I got to be filled with strength.

The being whom Ms Amano Seiko saw by vision and who claimed God in white clothes is the very true character of the king of the star Rada(the star of snakes)
According to my channeling, he was related to Great Hanshin Earthquake (Jan 1995), Aum Shinrikyo.
Indeed Ms Amano Seiko went to the foot of Mt. Fuji before the incident of Aum and she said, "I've knocked down Asahara Shyoko."
The best pupil of her went to teach the piano lesson to the house which was next to the headquarter of Aum Shinrikyo.
She said she always had been projected on the TV.
Ms Amano Seiko was made to go to the places, through the channeling, like Egypt where there are ruins at the start of 1990s.
I can think she has been there in order to seal the ruins in advance.
Around March in 1998, after I went to the priestess of Ise-city, I had a phone call telling she came not to be able to do channeling and please refer to it in the other web page.
A part of my experience (Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial Household)】【 Postscript on Oct. 3, 2013】 

* ) I worked at psychiatry at that time, and I was surprised to see the actual miserable situation of the hospital in which doctors look to only medicine.
Therefore I looked for the other way to manage the situation by any means.
And the method to which I reached at last was the hypnotherapy.
I have written about it separating it into a few parts.

The HP of Ms Amano Seiko

My experience(hypnotherapy)  The way to hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy No 3
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