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Antarctic also losing ice mass

Antarctic also losing ice mass15-02-2011 04:56
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The Antarctic has been losing ice mass at an unprecedented rate:
18-09-2011 19:35
This is exactly what we have feared for so long. If the Antarctic is about to melt, sea level rise up to 60 meters could be possible.

Thanks for all the links, Desertphile. Why do all the skeptics keep telling us that Antarctic is doing just fine? It should be obvious to everyone that global warming is doing its impact all over the globe.

What about feedback mechanisms in the Antarctic? Is it the same as Arctic... that the process will accelerate?
05-05-2014 06:42
Bullsh!t. data from the GRACE satellite system, which was flatlining before they added a isostatic rebound calculation, now how the hell can you calculate isostatic rebound when Antarctica is covered in ice, you have to place GPS instruments on solid rock to get a reading.
Antarctic ice extent is growing at record levels, thicker 2nd year ice abounds, so how can volume/mass be decreasing, plus days above freezing are only about 10 to 14 per year and only at the coast. so how is all this ice going 'sublimation' I dont believe.

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