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Antarctic 2014 minimum

Antarctic 2014 minimum01-02-2014 21:20
Southern Hemisphere sea ice is approaching minimum in 2014. It is on track for a new record high, we will have to wait and see if it holds up.

Cryosphere data from UIUC
06-02-2014 14:44
2014 Antarctic sea ice still on track for a new record high minimum. It is currently over 120,000 square kilometers above the pace of the previous record year (2003).
10-02-2014 14:52
2014 Antarctic sea ice has dropped a bit, still over 90,000 square kilometers above previous record pace... minimum is about two weeks away.
27-02-2014 05:19
Well it's too late for a record high minimum according to analysis of the Crysophere data. 2014 sea ice has fallen below 2003 for 2nd place, it may or may not squeak past 2013 for 3rd.

It could be noted however that the top 6 minimums have all come since 2001, and this decade's average minimum is the strongest on record at well over 2 million square kilometers.

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