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Alternative energy policy

Alternative energy policy23-11-2013 18:26
The propaganda is that alternative energy facilities are too expensive to build. The energy companies don't quite dare say that alternative energy facilities don't work, because too many people know that the equipment does work. That should make one immediately suspicious of the claims that alternative energy facilities are too expensive to build.

Less than a trillion American dollars per year are being spent to build alternative energy facilities. It wouldn't really be too expensive to build several trillions of dollars a year in such facilities.

Consider that the Gross World Product is about 60 trillion dollars per year. Now in a serious emergency, a large fraction of that could be spent building alternative energy facilities. During World War 2, the United States spent almost as much as the American Gross Domestic Product on war costs. So if there were a serious emergency, the world economy could spend more than 50% per year, more than 30 trillion dollars per year, building new alternative energy facilities.

It's not that much of an emergency, but one can easily see from what could happen that the claim spread directly and indirectly by the energy companies that less than one trillion dollars per year is too expensive --- is a claim that cannot be taken seriously.

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