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Accuracy of climate model predictions: links

Accuracy of climate model predictions: links15-02-2011 04:19
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Climate models have been and are extremely accurate:
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15-02-2011 18:29
[quote]Desertphile wrote:
Climate models have been and are extremely accurate:

No, we don't yet know how accurate climate models are. Climate models do not provide evidence , they provide hypotheses that must be checked against the climate record. There has been insufficient time elapsed to draw any conclusions about their accurcy.
11-05-2011 23:28
Hayduke: They have been verified. Many times. The real issue is which model to choose. For the most part, the models are more about what happens when we as a people decide to do anything. i.e. do we keep burning at a tremendous rate, or do we pull back to 1990 levels? etc.

Check out our arctic circle;

As expected the arctic's heat is vastly higher than the world's average temperature. As predicted.

In days gone by (1991 ish) there was a contest to simulate what would happen if we suddenly released huge amounts of CO2 from 1 location. You got it.... It was Saddam lighting the oil fields on fire.

1 year later, they compared their predicted future of the mideast region, and the actual temperature changes.

More than half were spot on... the other half were off by a bit. (Some downright wrong.)

More to the point, all predicted the warming of the region, which then occurred.

I well and truly wish I could find any papers on it. What I saw was a military presentation.

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