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A web game where you operate the Power Grid and invest in Renewables

A web game where you operate the Power Grid and invest in Renewables15-04-2018 17:19
Hello, I am a self-taught game developer and student of Energy and Environment (Master Degree).

I dreamed about this game a long time ago and have been developing it since, learning the craft along the way. In the game you manage the electric power grid by operating different powerplants, investing in renewables and managing resources. By playing the game you deal with several concepts about energy production and consumption and the differences between all power plants.

To win the game, you must connect all buildings to your grid and always meet the electricity demand

You can try it out using this link:

It would be great to hear your feedback!

Have fun!
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17-04-2018 20:00
Into the Night
Doesn't work.
Join the debate A web game where you operate the Power Grid and invest in Renewables:

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