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75 papers now support a low climate sensitivity

75 papers now support a low climate sensitivity04-10-2018 15:15
One Punch ManProfile picture★☆☆☆☆
There is, in IPCC "climate science", the concept of climate sensitivity which is defined as the amount of global warming that would be produced by a specific increase (usually a doubling) of the amount of atmospheric CO2. Apparently, there are now scientific 75 papers that support a low climate sensitivity (See here:

04-10-2018 19:36
We don't know exactly how the atmosphere will react. I have read convincing arguments that the IPCC reports are too conservative. But someone found some papers that think the IPCC reports are overstating the sensitivity out of how many papers they failed to say. And the last image you posted in the same style looking like it was made by the same person seemed to say that CO2 can't possibly have any effect. This one however admits it might have some effect.

Which is it? they can't both be right.
05-10-2018 14:24
Does this include all the positive feedback loops now in affect?
06-10-2018 02:45
One Punch ManProfile picture★☆☆☆☆
noutopia wrote:
Does this include all the positive feedback loops now in affect?

The papers that say "ECS" include all feedbacks positive/negative


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