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2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment01-10-2020 23:57
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Two parts to this post

First, just a formality to any fans of the 2nd Amendment, I have created an animated gif for those who are interested, that expresses appreciation for the 2nd Amendment. It is available at Politiplex on the animated GIF page at:

Second, we all know that the Leftists want to kill the 2nd Amendment but I haven't heard the calls for "GUN CONTROL" from Biden. Do the Democrats understand that it's a loser issue or is something else keeping it off the table? Does a Conservative Supreme Court signify resources should be spent elsewhere? Why has it suddenly disappeared from the radar?


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02-10-2020 04:18
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Guns have become popular on the left lately. Politicians talking gun control, would be rejecting a lot of their gun toting voters. The virus shut downs, the riots, nobody feels safe these days, even if hiding in their basements... People had to hoard toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and prepare for a long incarceration. Part of preparations, is weapons and ammunition, so some crackhead Biden supporter doesn't try to steal you stash. Never know if BLM will burn down your local Walmart store, and block the roads, so you can't get to the one on the 'rich' people side of town, that's better patrolled and protected by the police. Might be weeks, or months in some 'blue' states, before you can restock.

With defunding the police, and citizens required to shoot their own unarmed thugs, should we get a reduction in property tax? Why pay for a service no longer provided? Will we be able to start claiming our ammunition on our tax forms? Gun control is hitting the target, takes frequent practice. Bullets aren't cheap... Any chance of getting a tax credit, for shooting thugs? It's a community service, the police got paid to do it. Shouldn't we get something for doing the same work? I mean, if we hadn't shot the thug, he would just go on to victimize others, until someone eventually tagged him. Should be some incentive, so more people target practice, so they can get those thugs off the streets, before anybody gets victimize, or at least greatly reduce the rap-sheet.

Fortunately, I live in a RED state, and we don't put up with that rioting, looting, and burning crap. We also have a very good governor this time around, other than not placing a ban on New York, and California refugees. About a thousand a day, moving to Florida... Won't be long before they start trying to stain this state with their 'blue' disease.
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