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Why the silence on zero point energy?

Why the silence on zero point energy?11-10-2017 19:41
I've been hearing much about zero point, or quantum vacuum energy over the years on the net but not a word on the mainstream media. They won't mention it, they won't condemn it or criticize it. Has anyone here seen anything mentioned on the main stream media? With all the noise about pollution and CO2 production this would be a massive solution to those problems.

It appears like the powers-that-be don't want the public to even think that the idea even exists. I've read that there is research and even a working model of it and that all we need now is the up-scaling and commercialization of the units.

It may be because it would upset the whole world for a while. With free energy everything would have to be reorganized and huge unemployment would be a looming problem, i.e. much fewer people needed for the energy sector. Some very credible people have put their name behind this, E.G. -Bearden and Dr Steven Greer.
Any ideas about this?
14-10-2017 15:54
Tim the plumber
You are talking about dark energy.

So called because we can't detect it at all. The only reason the idea exists is that something has to be supplying the energy to explain the expansion of the universe, right???

Well science does not know the answer. So unless you can harness this utterly undetectable energy your self, thus gaining the Nobel prize and all the money in the world it is sheer speculation.
14-10-2017 17:34
Tim, I don't think it is dark energy.
The theory comes from Quantum Physics. A Physicist named ....... Wolfe said that every time they tried to measure the energy from the quantum void their instruments went off scale so, the energy is hardly undetectable.

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