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1Arctic waters not freezing7612434713-04-2018
2Fast recovery of thick Arctic ice4032137306-03-2018
3Why the greenhouse effect does not violate the first law of thermodynamics3551515009-01-2018
4Barrow Alaska Rapid Heating3501050923-12-2017
5Consensus of Scientists and Proof307901505-05-2017
6Let's Revisit Earth's Ice Accumulation302834424-12-2016
7Global Warming: Weak in Argument but Strong in Faith248680518-10-2016
8Man-Made Causes231621524-04-2017
9The Data Mine228934604-05-2018
11East Antarctic Ice Shelf Weaknesses210826905-03-2018
12The SCIENCE of the "Greenhouse Effect"206904119-10-2015
13Climate Data 800,000 years188551618-11-2017
14What is heat?188537607-10-2016
15Tipping point186795409-02-2016
16Angular Momentum181530115-09-2017
17"The temperature record is unreliable!"180594809-11-2016
18Just How Many "Greenhouse Effects" Are There?177845012-02-2016
19What is this Church of Marxism?172464816-10-2016
20What is the Greenhouse Effect?166463514-09-2017
21But the Climate is Always Changing!164681012-02-2016
22So Is The Feedback Positive Or Negative?160508714-08-2017
23The Atmosphere's Ability to Absorb and Release Heat158462703-07-2017
24The failure of climate change theory1581168813-11-2015
25I'm not quite so sure, though156421805-10-2016
26Greenhouse Gases Are Real154463617-09-2017
27Why deny global warming153642422-02-2016
28What would the world be like if every molecule in the atmosphere is a CO2?150642811-02-2016
29hurricanes during the ice age?145465419-10-2016
30What would the world be like if the atmosphere is 25% O2 and 75% N2?145570803-02-2016
31Global warming is caused by ozone depletion, not greenhouse gases144951411-12-2014
32Scientific Consensus141730226-05-2018
332016 set to be hottest year on record139615508-07-2017
34Proffessor Brian Cox vs Conspiracy theorist Australian Senator136523707-09-2016
35Basic arithmetic134409024-09-2016
36Is the IPCC Biased?133636512-07-2017
37Global cooling in 2030 it's true???133479824-02-2017
38The Complexity of Climate Change131441624-04-2017
39Greenhouse Gases Do NOT Violate The Stefan-Boltzmann Law129432428-09-2017
40Annual Global Warming Graph (NOAA)128358404-08-2017
41There is still no Global Warming science.128861708-10-2015
42How effective are the UK strategies to reduce global warming?(please complete survey)127357008-02-2018
43Global warming and ice caps122375823-01-2018
44Greenhouse Effect and the 1909 Wood's Experiment121405628-08-2017
45Overpopulation - How not to solve the problem.121520903-11-2015
46I have a theory118372528-10-2016
47XKCD earth temperarture;118392720-09-2016
48CO2 Lags About 2,000 Years Behind on Temperature Changes117472609-09-2016
49Ethical Depopulation Could Save the Planet115404509-01-2018
50President Trump and climate change policy113458703-12-2016
51Climate Change is a Blessing.112298901-05-2017
52Northern hemisphere sees in early spring due to global warming111357913-03-2017
53The Gulf Stream110153008-05-2018
54The Chapman Cycle110352402-07-2017
55Planet earth is a spinning top109547206-06-2016
56libtards, your climate change hero Hillary Clinton lost fair and square, nothing you can say abou...108358525-03-2017
57Arctic ice still rapidly decreasing103770630-03-2018
58Ice Ages102338225-10-2017
59Do man-made climate change deniers prove man-made climate change exists?101478417-10-2015
60A slightly different angle99348502-02-2017
61Argumentum ex fitque97322928-09-2016
62They Still Say it's going to get Hotter96294825-08-2017
63Hurricane Harvey95301423-09-2017
64Do We even want solve climate change?92278507-10-2017
65A "challenge" for you, IB and Into92279518-10-2016
66Nothing to do with climate anywhere89240621-02-2018
67This forum is f ucking garbage89282913-11-2017
68The Dumber of the Two Political Parties Even Know it Now87279714-12-2017
69Hilarious Strawmen by the Deniers87320517-10-2016
70Geological Influences85171507-06-2017
71Support for the AGW Theory - or Not ...84343012-09-2017
72Total global CO2-stop (scientific value?)84419628-12-2015
73Scientific Challenge83264404-08-2017
74Generating Climate Science83397023-10-2015
75Heaven Forbid - It's Warming - We may leave our current Ice Age82290411-08-2017
76Work and Heat8175626-06-2018
77The Stench from the EPA, NASA and NOAA80241110-11-2017
78Greenhouse Gases80287904-10-2017
79So how exactly does this Evil Liberal Governmental Science Conspiracy do... anything?80304730-11-2016
80Signing off79248329-11-2017
81the atmosphere is has enough density to trap heat by conduction79255910-02-2017
82The source of energy is evaporation-condensation78718Yesterday, 01:37
83Climate change denier crosses from the dark side77251704-06-2017
84Why would CO2 cause sea level to rise and ocean to acidify?77279807-01-2016
85Global Warming for Dummies75222529-08-2017
86The Fraudulent Keeling Curve75221928-07-2017
87The Emissivity of the Earth74206024-02-2018
88New Federal Report, Approved by White House, Predicts 5C Rise by 210073226118-11-2017
89The Mental Decay of Millennials72233025-10-2017
90Why does greenhouse effect make Earth's surface so cool compared to what it would otherwise be?72309708-01-2016
91An open letter to all members of Climate-debate.com72340102-11-2015
92Key threats of climate change.72278323-10-2015
93Is GW religious?71228023-09-2016
94US report contradicts Trump team: Warming mostly man-made70213818-11-2017
95Shocking BBC bias against flat earthers.70220328-08-2017
96Atmospheric Heat Entropy67153326-03-2018
97You can't heat a hotter surface using a colder gas.67216303-09-2017
98Michael Mann loses his court case and faces costs66554529-07-2017
99How do you argue with someone who believes all the evidence for climate change is fabricated?6576413-06-2018
100The Argument for AGW64193915-01-2018

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