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SCHOOL PROJECT07-11-2017 04:48
Dear Climate Debate,

I have this real hard school project right now and providing information would be literally a god send. My question is "Why is the Australian Government hesitating to implement renewable energy in our grids". You may not agree with my question, but frankly i'm not interested. Please give helpful info!

08-11-2017 22:11
Tim the plumber
The cost of renewable energy is very high compared to burning fossil fuels.

Take the best of these (other than hydro power which is maxed out already) wind power;

The cost of wind power is very large due to the high maintenance costs of it. The blades crack. This is due to them being in compression when up and tension when down. This eventuall y cracks the blades.

When you see a wind farm and a third of them are not working this is why.

To repair the wind turbine you have to take a 70m long blade there, have a crane ready to lift it, have the crew ready and wait for a day when it is not too windy on the site you selected because it is in a windy place.

Then the wind will blow when it wills. It will often supply power when you don't need it and be out of action either due to to being too calm or too windy as they cannot work in high winds, when you actually want it.
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