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Radio Ecoshock: Arctic Meltdown – 50 shades of panic

Radio Ecoshock: Arctic Meltdown – 50 shades of panic21-05-2018 02:06
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆
"Under the news radar but in this show: the wild situation in a hot Arctic. The Director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center Mark Serreze gives us the latest science. Climate information activist Jennifer Hynes explains the Arctic methane monster. Scientist Paul Beckwith reports on Hansen's mega-storms. They are already here, throwing hundred ton boulders up on the shore. Three guests: let's go."

"Bring us your sick and tired, your educated ..."
21-05-2018 08:29
Into the Night
Methane is not capable of warming the Earth. Neither is any other gas or vapor.
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