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Kindness28-07-2017 00:42
Name-calling is quite common in forums such as this. In fact, name-calling is far more common than kindness. How hard is it to be kind to others even when you both disagree? Perhaps we can all practice. Post something here that is helpful and kind to everyone. Have you solved a problem in a useful and unique way that others might use? I'll start with this suggestion. Everyone has a checking account. Keeping them balanced requires constant monitoring, subtraction, and adjustment. So simplify. Pay $100 on small bills, and the next few months, you will have a credit balance and won't have to write another check or make another entry for your internet banking.

It sure is quick and easy to subtract 100 from your account balance, and you'll have fewer entries to boot.

House payment? Round up to the next $100 amount. This pays down your principal putting money in the bank for you.

Your ideas and kindness are most welcome.

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