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Environmental scams and the people who pay for them

Environmental scams and the people who pay for them16-09-2013 09:03

The Environmentalism Movement has become a powerful and wealthy cult like phenomenon. It has little to do with improving the environment, it is all about power and money and is costing all of us dearly.

We have those who travel the world creating large carbon footprints, spouting unfounded information while making huge amounts of money. Most responsible scientists agree that climate change is taking place as it has since time began, however they admit that they don't know how and why it is changing. The doomsayers should be telling us how to cope with change rather than scaring us with unfounded information. Neither Mr. Gore or Mr. Suzuki is a climatologist. One is a former politician and one is a Zoologist.
13-06-2016 02:44
As a human beings we have a responsibility to preserve our real value of nature both for ourselves and for future generations.
In recent days, there has been a mouting realization that the quality of factors such as air, water, soil, and food greatly affects the quality of our health and of our lives. This will result in increased allergies, respiratory disease, and cancers to the disorder of the body's hormone and fertility systems, and premature death. As there is cause of our various environment-health problems are numerous and contain pollution from transport, agricultural activities, industrial processes, domestic waste matter and waste management.

24-07-2017 22:06
We do NOT "preserve our real value of nature" by taxing businesses to pay for idiotic high speed rail down the middle of California, and to pay for subsidies to buyers of Tesla electric cars, which are ridiculously expensive and NOT, repeat NOT "zero emission vehicles."

Barack Obama forked over some $250 million to his cronies at Solyndra after they gave him a nice donation to his election campaign. Then it went bankrupt leaving American taxpayers holding the bag. Obama should have gone to prison for this scam, and many others besides.
He's a big time crook, like Hillary, who sold out 20% of America's uranium for $135 million donation to her Foundation, while Slick Willie was paid $500,000 for speaking in Russia.
What a bunch of corrupt thugs are Democrats in particular.

Some 50% of electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. Moreover, building expensive cars is unnecessarily wasteful of resources including fossil fuels. Where do you think all the materials come from, and how much energy is used in their production?
03-09-2017 04:05
"AGW denier liar whiner stuffed man" stuttered: "preserve our real value of nature"....electric cars: NOT "zero emission vehicles...".... sold out 20% of America's uranium for $135 million donation to her Foundation... 50% of electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels.....building expensive cars is unnecessarily wasteful of resources....

National Parks "preserve our real value of nature", but re-pubic-lick-uns & head honchos of energy companies got plans to devalue NPs with the OK from "don'T rump".
While some ICE(internal combustion engines) are still built to deliver 20 MPG (or less) numbers, many EVs gain 100-130MPG(equivalent)....& the ICE ain't adding the energy to deliver oil fuel to stations.
Peabody Coal(defunct) got Fed Gov't Wyoming coal deposits for $1 per ton.
Yeah, electricity is ever less produced by oil.
The ten most expensive flaunted cars are $1 million to $4 to 60 in sub-3seconds, some have 2000+ HP, diamonds embedded & transport less than a 65HP Ford Festiva. Oh, yeah.... sometimes produced in numbers counted on fingers & toes.... specially if you're a careless butcher & firewalker with missing digits.
03-09-2017 04:15
Not interested in posting any information anywhere on this scummy website any longer, what with imbeciles such as litesong spewing ignorance.

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