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Climate Philosophy

Philosophical, ethical, theoretical and religious perspectives on the climate debate.

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Richard Lindzen paid by ExxonMobil for his lies3144210-08-2017
Why doesn't Exxon sell cigarettes?8491916-09-2016
Climate change is unavoidable, so is a warmer or cooler climate more desireable? - (Side: 1 2)18975907-09-2016
Philosophically speaking, where to M2C2 denialists come from?676621-11-2015
Who do the denialist trolls really hurt?505113-11-2015
When it comes to M2C2, is planet Earth really worth saving?642522-10-2015
Is M2C2 a matter of the method of interpretation?578122-10-2015
Are falsifiable models the only way to validate science?10143318-10-2015
M2C2 - where all or nothing means nothing583317-10-2015
Are you a theologian or scientist? Ask Karl Popper. - (Side: 1 2)25595412-10-2015
Is our world condemned?2990729-09-2015
Is there a Jewish Point of View?665003-08-2015
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